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Category: Hosting Services

​The Microsoft SharePoint™ hosting service provides "out of box" collaborative and document management functionality to the customers of BCCS. SharePoint allows for the presentation and sharing of business critical information in one central location via a web interface and provides for ease of work collaboration across the organization.
The BCCS SharePoint hosting service includes "out of box" Standard features as well as Enterprise and Custom functionality. SharePoint also includes portal capabilities allowing different web page content to be displayed according to who you are and what your interests might be.
For example, in a simple SharePoint "out of box" work team collaboration each person on the team may have a library of shared documents, another area where they are collectively editing and updating documents, an area for announcements and possibly a calendar of team events.
A more complex SharePoint presentation may allow a private citizen to log into an external SharePoint site and, based upon who they are, see a set of applications of interest from multiple State agencies. The application set could potentially include such things as medical assistance, filing taxes online, State licensing programs, or links into legislative activity among other things.
State agencies, boards, commissions and other qualifying governmental entities can request BCCS SharePoint hosting.


Unit of Measure 

Unit of Measure  Debit Code  Rates 
SharePoint Storage Per Gigabyte Per Month  449 $20.00 


What is Included?

Standard Service

  • Creation of SharePoint sites utilizing "out of box" standard features that are included with the Microsoft SharePoint Standard MSEA Client Access License (CAL)
    • Collaboration
      • Document libraries and list
      • Workgroup calendaring
      • E-mail integration
      • Project management "lite" template
      • Microsoft Office integration
      • WIKIs and BLOGs
    • Portal
      • Enterprise Portal Templates
      • Site Directory
      • Privacy Control
    • Search
      • Contextual relevant searches
      • Enterprise scalability
    • Content Management
      • Integrated document management
      • Records management
      • Web Content management
      • Policies
      • Workflow
      • Retention Policies, and
      • Auditing
  • Intranet and Extranet capabilities.
  • Service fail-over design
  • Designated customer "site collection administrator(s)" control of site access
  • Hosted server storage allocation, backup, recovery and monitoring
  • Requires a Standard client access license (CAL) included in your  purchase. If a separate customer MSEA purchase is required, the agency will have to complete a BCCS Enterprise Service Request form and IT Service Modification Addendum.
  • Host server maintenance and latest system and security patches
  • Standard service desk support 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday

Enterprise Services

  • Creation of SharePoint sites utilizing "out of box" enterprise features requiring the purchase of Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise CAL's in addition to the Standard MSEA.
    • Search
      • Index, search and intelligently display information from line-of-business applications, relational databases, and other structured content.
    • Business Forms
      • Web enabled InfoPath Forms
      • Enterprise Single Sign On
    • Business Intelligence
      • Server-based Excel spreadsheets and data visualization.
      • BI Web Parts
      • KPI's and Dashboards
    • Anonymous and authorized access options

Custom Services

  • Requests for SharePoint Custom services must begin as a project charter submission to the BCCS Governance Team
  • Accommodation of integrated custom or third-party applications (please refer to the Technical Reference Model (TRM) for more information regarding third-party applications available for SharePoint integration). Third-party applications may require separate licensing.
  • Expanded service desk availability and incident response
  • Development, Test and Production hosted environments

What Should You Expect?

  • A fail-over enabled environment that's secure and robust
  • System administration, configuration and tuning
  • Pre-planned software and system upgrades, following documented processes for Change Management
  • Administration and maintenance of production security software
  • Backup and recovery schedules and planning assistance
  • 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday break/fix technical support is standard with an optional 24/7/365 service desk limited by on-call technician availability.
  • LDAP administration and management
  • Tracking of service rates and invoicing
  • Prompt, friendly and courteous technical support staff collaborating with customer application development staff in their efforts
  • A strategy driven service through SharePoint governance (BCCS customers can, at any time, submit new 3rd party SharePoint add-ons and functionality requests to the BCCS Governance Team for evaluation and implementation approval)

How Can You Help?

  • Begin SharePoint implementations as a project identifying requirements, basic design, identify any needed application enhancements, etc.
  • Premium service options require project coordination through BCCS Governance
  • Engage BCCS early in your planning efforts ensuring capacity and resource availability
  • Know what your site requires before you begin:
    • Internal or external users -- or both?
    • Where possible, simplify the site. Extensive custom code enhancements and 3rd party product add-ons, depending upon product upgrade coordination, could delay implementation of future upgrades to your SharePoint environment.
    • What are the functional and non-functional requirements?
  • Request the minimum amount of storage required for near-term projections, and request additional space as your SharePoint usage expands. This helps keep your monthly costs down until the storage is actually required.
  • Track usage to determine information of greatest importance for routine updates or retirement of information not being used, requesting expanded storage needs and performing general site maintenance
  • Actively participate in SharePoint governance by identifying and suggesting SharePoint add-ons and ideas to the BCCS Governance Team