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"Team of Rivals: Lincoln's Cabinet at the Crossroads of War"
Teacher Resource Guide
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Created in conjunction with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum's exclusive exhibit "Team of Rivals: Lincoln's Cabinet at the Crossroads of War," the accompanying educator lesson plans provide historical background and student activities based on Abraham Lincoln's presidential nomination over well-known rivals who sought the same office.

From "Creating a Classroom Cabinet" to researching "Confederate Confiscations" students of grades 4-12 use the skills of interpretation, discussion and writing to put themselves in the shoes of our 16th President as he selected – purposely from his opponents — the cabinet that would agonize, argue, and advise him through the challenges of slavery, secession, and war.

Lesson Plans:

Create a Classroom Cabinet
Grade Level 4-6

Confederate Confiscations: A Digital Exhibit
Grade Level 6-12

Lincoln's Cabinet: From Rivalry to Respect
Grade Level 6-12

Paintings, Proclamations, and Political Positions
Grade Level 6-12

Seward, the Red Pen, and the "Mystic Chords of Memory"
Grade Level 7-12

Cabinet Campaigning
Grade Level 11-12

Secession Fever

Several lesson plans contain extension activities and all lesson plans have been correlated to the Illinois Learning Standards.

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