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History Lessons

It is fun to continue learning — especially when there are no tests or grades involved — and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum is proud to offer History Lessons, a speaker feature that is an educational and entertaining addition to a daytime meeting or event at the Presidential Library.

One of our knowledgeable historians will present remarks on one of several Lincoln-era topics and allow time for questions and answers. The feature is offered weekdays based on the availability of the historians. The presentations would also be a great addition to our "Luncheon at the Library" or "To a Tea" events.

There are two History Lesson options:

  • 30 minute presentation
    • 15 minute remarks followed by 15 minute question and answer session          $150
  • 45 minute presentation
    • 30 minute remarks followed by 15 minute question and answer session           $200


Please contact the Facilities Rental Office to add one of these History Lessons to your next daytime meeting at the Presidential Library. No tests or grades, we promise.

History Lessons Topics 

Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief considers how his only military experience had been as a three-month volunteer in a frontier Indian war. As a Congressman he had opposed the Mexican War. Yet it became his lot as President to preside over the largest war in American history to that time (and still the largest in terms of the loss of American lives and property). How did he do it?

Lincoln and Agriculture follows Lincoln from his early years on the farm to his legislative and presidential efforts to develop and expand a scientific approach to agriculture. The Department of Agriculture and the Land Grant college system were both established during his presidency.

The Faith(s) of the Lincolns explores the many different religious expressions of the Lincoln family, who over the decades included -- or were claimed by -- Puritans, Quakers, Baptists, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Spiritualists, Christian Scientists ... or none of the above.

Lincoln and Leadership traces how a man with few advantages made himself into a small-town standout, then a leading attorney, political organizer, and one-cause crusader, then finally one of our greatest presidents. Lincoln's people management, hard work, and humor teach lessons that can apply to parts of anyone's life.

Lincoln the Lawyer examines the young Abraham's decision to become a lawyer rather than a blacksmith and looks at how a small businessman became the nation's savior.

What's in a Name: The Many Monikers of the Lincolns takes you from "Honest Abe" to "Is it Abram or Abraham?" to the ongoing mystery of what to call Mrs. Lincoln. Examining others in the Lincoln period as well, we see how much our names reveal about politics and our times.

What's New in the Lincoln Collection provides an ever-changing look into new acquisitions at the ALPLM. The Taper Collection realized 1,500 new items for the Lincoln Collection. This talk will always offer new surprises.