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Requesting Genealogical Research

Research Assistance

Librarians are eager to help genealogists in their research in the Library, by telephone, by mail, and by email request.  Librarians will perform limited searches for the modest fees outlined below.

Requests and Fees for Library to Conduct Genealogical Research

The Library staff will research one family (husband/wife/children) in one county per request. Do not send family group sheets, charts, pedigrees, etc. when making your request.

Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number on all correspondence.  Please send just one request at a time.  Do not send additional queries until your initial query is answered. Please be patient. The Library receives scores of requests and each request requires thorough research and the composition of a written reply. 


On-Site Visitors:  25 cents per page copy fee

Email and written inquiries: 

A Flat fee of $20 includes up to 25 pages of photocopies plus shipping.  Please make checks or money orders payable to the Abraham Lincoln Presidenital Library.  Address mailings to:
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Reference Librarian, Genealogical Research
112 N. 6th Street
Springfield, IL  62701

Request research assistance by email

Visit the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry.

Sources our librarians will research

  • Illinois county histories
  • Available indexes of marriage records
  • Available indexes of census records
  • Cemetery inscriptions (if township provided)

Newspaper and obituary searches

Newspapers searches, including obituaries, are available through the Library’s Newspaper Collection.

Copying of images or text

To order photocopies or to request permission to use copies for purposes beyond personal research and reference, contact the ALPL genealogical librarian and review our Permission to Use Agreement and Fee Schedule.


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
112 N. 6th St
Springfield, IL 62701-1507


Visit the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry.

(217) 524-6358 Genealogy printed materials
(217) 557-8830 Newspapers/Obituaries