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Interlibrary Loan of Microfilm

All newspaper microfilm and most other microfilm materials are available for interlibrary loan (ILL).  There is a limit of five reels per patron.  Requests for newspaper microfilm should include the name of the city, title of newspaper, and dates needed.

All requests for interlibrary loan must be made via OCLC or ALA-approved interlibrary loan request forms.  Faxed requests of ALA forms are accepted.  NO IN-HOUSE FORMS, PHOTOCOPIES OF FORMS, OR TELEPHONE REQUESTS ARE ACCEPTED.

All loaned material must be restricted to LIBRARY USE ONLY by the borrowing library.  The loan period for materials is one month from the date sent.  A renewal of two weeks is available if the material has not been requested by another library.

All microfilm is sent in a shipping box and must be returned in a SHIPPING BOX.  Padded envelopes are not acceptable.  Systems should leave the materials in the shipping box until it reaches its final destination.  There is no charge for loans that are sent via ILDS to ILLINET member libraries.  The library participates also in Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS).  A fee of $5 is required for all other loans.  The library also participates in the OCLC ILL automatic payment (IFM).

Items returned through the U.S. mail must be insured for the amount stated on the loan form included with the material.  Charges for services are also indicated on the form.  A copy of the loan form must be returned with the materials.  The loan form serves as the only invoice that is sent.

The following information will be useful in completing the interlibrary loan form:
OCLC Symbol:  JFK
Member of the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS); ILLINET; LVIS: OCLC.
Phone:  217/785-7941     Fax:  217/558-1573
Phone:  217/785-7941     Fax:  217/558-1573