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    Do I have to be in a union to be entitled to the prevailing wage?​

    No, all laborers, workers and mechanics engaged in the construction of public works must be paid prevailing wage. For more information, see 820 ILCS 130/3​.

    When is the payment of prevailing wage required?​

    Prevailing wage is required to be paid whenever a �public works� project is undertaken. For more information, see 820 ILCS 130/3​​

    As an employee, what do I do if I was not paid the prevailing wage?​

    You may contact the Department of Labor and request a complaint form or download a copy​ that must be filled out completely, providing your employer's address and phone number; the public body's contact person, address, and phone number; and details of the type of work being performed and specific location of the project.

    Is there a fee associated with the filing of a complaint?​


    How long will it take for my complaint to get resolved?​

    There is no specific time frame mandated to resolve a complaint. Each complaint is different, but we make every effort to obtain necessary documentation as promptly as possible to determine if any back wages are due.

    Can I file an anonymous complaint?

    Yes. Although, if you do file anonymously, you will not be notified of the outcome of the investigation.​​​​​​