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Design - Build Projects

CDB forms and manuals related to DB projects have been added to the Reference Library. These include the Standard Documents for Design-Build Projects (SD-DB) which is the basic contract (boilerplate) for CDB design-build projects and forms related to the DB RFP as well as forms needed for administering design and construction phases.

Archive of past Design Build Projects

For CDB Design Build Services
The Capital Development Board (CDB) intends to issue (on or about July 15, 2013) a
Request for Proposal (RFP) for the following project:
CDB #830-010-332
Construction of an Integrated Bioresearch Laboratory (IBRL)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois
Project Budget (Design, Construction, and Equipment) - $20,991,321.00

Notice of Intent to Advertise 830-010-332
Certifications and Standard Terms and Conditions 8.1.2013
PLA Signature Page-02262007
RFP for IBRL 072513
DB Qualifications Form and Instructions
8.2013 Financial Disclosures and Conflicts Form
Pre-Proposal Inquiry Form
Reference Questionnaire
Phase I Utilization Plan
Phase II Contracting Plan
DBSelectionCriteriaWeight Phase I 830-010-332 Updated 8-2-2013
DBSelectionCriteriaWeight Phase II 830-010-332 Updated 8-2-2013
DB Amendment.005101
DB-PTF 830-010-332 for IBRL
8-2-13 Design Build Amendment 1 to the RFP
DB Sample Contract
DB Amendment.005101 No 2 to the RFP
DB Amendment.005101 No 3 to the RFP
Phase 1 Submittals Received by CDB 8-27-13
IBRL - 830-010-332 Final Bridging Document
amendment 4 phase 2 announcement
amendment 5
Pre-Proposal Meeting Minutes 830-010-332 10-01-2013
DB Amendment.005101 No 6 to the RFP
Disclosure Form - Business with Iran
DB Amendment.005101 No 7 to the RFP
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    Items which will be posted here in the Procurement section of the CDB website include:

    • Notice of upcoming DB projects (Futures)
    • Design-Build RFPs and related forms
    • Amendments to the RFPs
    • RFP response deadlines
    • List of responders to Phase 1 RFPs (after the deadline for submitting Phase 1 responses)
    • List of DB entities selected to submit responses to Phase 2 of the DB RFP
    • DB entity awarded the project
    • Design Build Questions & Answers
    • Submit all questions to

    NOTE: The designers and all major contractors/subcontractors performing any of the General, Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, Electrical work must be prequalified with CDB before the Phase 1 submittal deadline. Prequalification Forms and instructions are available in the Reference Library. Allow a minimum of 45 days after submission of the prequalification form for the prequalification process.