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Veterans Cash

Illinois Lottery Veterans Cash Ticket Since 2006 the Illinois Lottery Veterans Cash has provided nearly $12 million for programs to help veterans throughout Illinois. All proceeds from ticket sales are deposited into the Illinois Veterans Assistance Fund, making it the first Illinois Lottery instant scratch-off ticket for which 100 percent of the net proceeds are dedicated to support Illinois veterans.

NEW! Now, Illinois citizens may now contribute to Veterans Cash Grants year-round, not just when the Vets Cash lottery ticket is sold in stores each November! To donate directly, click here.

The Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs awards these funds in the form of Vet Cash Grants. On a quarterly basis, IDVA's Veterans Cash Grant Committee reviews applications and awards grants to groups that help address PTSD, homelessness, health insurance costs, long-term care, disability benefits, and employment.

Since 2006, nearly 200 organizations have shared about $12 million in funding.

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Veterans Cash Grants

100 percent of the Veterans Cash lottery ticket proceeds go to support Illinois veterans. Non-for-profit organizations, Veterans' organizations and services that help Illinois veterans in one of the following 6 categories can and are encouraged to apply for a Veterans Cash grant:

  • Health insurance costs
  • Long-term care
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder research or treatment
  • Disability benefits
  • Housing assistance or
  • Job placement and training

To apply for a Veterans Cash Grant - download, complete and mail a Veterans Cash Grant Application to the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Please note that April through November of each year is typically a low funding period, as the annual Vets Cash game runs begins in November and is complete about February of the following year. Meanwhile, the volume of qualified and quality Veterans Cash Grant applications has steadily increased. Approval of grants is always subject to available funds. While grant applications are accepted every quarter, we encourage applicants to consider applying during periods when available funding is greater, as well as to seek additional sources of revenue or support.

You can contact the Veterans Cash Grant Administrator by sending an e-mail to the following address ( or by clicking here : Veterans Cash Administrator

Previous Veterans Cash Grant Recipients

Donate to Veterans Cash

Veteran advocates can go above and beyond to show their support for our men and women who’ve served by making a contribution directly to the Veterans Cash program. To facilitate this process, IDVA utilizes the Illinois Veterans Assistance Fund, which is the same fund to which proceeds of the Veterans Cash Lottery Game are deposited. Those looking to make a generous donation to support our veterans should visit the Veterans Assistance Fund website. All monies contributed via the Veterans Assistance Fund donation site will be granted by the Veterans Cash Grant Committee to help Illinois veterans in the following areas of need: post-traumatic stress, homelessness, long-term care, disability benefits, health insurance costs, and employment assistance. Grants are awarded to qualifying public and non-profit organizations directly serving veterans in these areas.

We hope you will find this service convenient and easy to use. Thank you for your readiness to give back to our veterans and to help them thrive upon their return home.