Business Records Certificate of Authenticity

This form must be filled out and accompany any subpoena issued to a business for documents. A party wishing to serve a subpoena should contact the Tribunal for its subpoena form.

​Final Pretrial Order

After the parties meet with the Tribunal in anticipation of a final hearing in a matter, this Order must be filled out and submitted to the Tribunal for approval.

​Net Worth Statement

A Petitioner requesting a filing fee waiver must fill out this form.

​Petition Instructions

These are instructions for attorneys who wish to use the Petition template below.

​Petition Template

This sample format may be used by an attorney who is filing a Petition on behalf of a taxpayer.

​Pro-Se Petition Instructions

These are the instructions for the Pro-Se Petition Template below.

​Pro-Se Petition Template

This sample format may be used by an individual or a sole proprietor or authorized officer or partner of a partnership. It cannot be used by a corporation as it must be represented by an attorney.

​Standing Pretrial Order

The Tribunal will direct parties to this Order when it is anticipated that a final hearing is necessary to conclude a matter before the Tribunal.