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About Us

About the CommissionThe Serve Illinois Commission is a 40 member (25 voting and 15 non-voting), bi-partisan board appointed by the Governor. Its mission is to improve Illinois communities by enhancing volunteerism and instilling an ethic of service throughout the State. The Commission is accomplishing this mission through the support of local community-based efforts to enhance volunteer opportunities and the administration of Illinois' AmeriCorps program.

The Commission's vision is an Illinois where all citizens recognize their ability and responsibility to help strengthen their communities through voluntary service. It works to expand volunteerism throughout rural, suburban, and urban Illinois, involving people of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, and abilities.

The enabling legislation of the Serve Illinois Commission (PA98-0692, 20 ILCS 2330) charges the Commission to promote and support community service in public and private programs to meet the needs of Illinois citizens, to stimulate new volunteerism and community service initiatives and partnerships, and to serve as a resource and advocate within the Department of Public Health for community service agencies, volunteers, and programs which utilize State and private volunteers.

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