The process of getting your record expunged or sealed can appear to be overwhelming and difficult. But Illinois law established procedures so people can clear their records without needing to hire an attorney. The information and worksheets provided on our website are designed to assist you through the legal process by providing you with a simple step-by-step approach to successfully determine if your record can be expunged or sealed. 

If you take the time to review the information provided and follow the steps and answer the questions in the worksheets, you will know whether you qualify to expunge or seal your record.  If you qualify, the information, including forms you will need to file your petition are provided and will assist you in successfully expunging or sealing your record.

For Cook County and Lake County cases. The clerk of these circuit courts provide their own information and forms. Reviewing the Information Guide we provide can assist you in determining if you qualify, however, reviewing the Cook County Clerk's information is also helpful and the Cook County forms are required. The Lake County forms can be found on the Lake County website. 

Criminal Expungement & Sealing - Overview

Do I Qualify to Expunge or Seal My Record Worksheet?

Do I Qualify to Expunge My Record Worksheet?

Do I Qualify to Seal My Record Worksheet?

Full Text of Criminal Identification Act