To determine which Option is right for you completely review all information on the Criminal Expungement & Sealing - General Information page before proceeding.  


Adult Expungement  

Scenario: No criminal convictions, received supervision, Section 10, Section 410, Section 70 or Section 40-10 probation (also called Tasc) or was acquitted or case dismissed.  


Sealing a Record

Sealing Option 1:
Scenario: Sealing an arrest record or received court supervision and never convicted of a criminal offense.
Instructions  Sample Form  Blank Form
Sealing Option 2:
Scenario: Sealing a conviction
Instructions  Sample Form  Blank Form
Sealing Option 3:
Sealing a felony drug conviction - Received "first offender" probation under Section 10, Section 410, Section 70 AND (1) You have a conviction on the record that bars expungement of a successfully completed first offender probation OR (2) your first offender probation was not successfully completed.
Instructions  Sample Form  Blank Form

Juvenile Expungement

Instructions for Juvenile Options 1 & 2
Juvenile Option 1: 
Scenario: Juvenile - Expunging a juvenile record.  Arrested not charged, found not guilty, received supervision, found delinquent for certain Class B misdemeanor, Class C misdemeanor or a petty or business offense? 

Sample Form  Blank Form
Juvenile Option 2:
Scenario: Juvenile - For all other dispositions and you had NO convictions for any crime since your 17th birthday, are you at least 21 years old, has it been at least five years since your last juvenile court proceeding was terminated, and has it been at least five years since your commitment to the Department of Corrections, Juvenile Division ended?


Identity Theft Expungement

Scenario: Identify Theft -  Expunge record based on judicial determination of factual innocence - identity theft.
Blank Form

Indigency Application

Use this form to request waiver of fees

Blank Indigency Form

Cook County Cases

(forms CCCR 0328 - CCCR 0331)

Juvenile Expungement
(forms CCJ 0040 - CCJ 0042)

Seal Record
(forms CCCR 0332 - CCCR 0333)

Identity Theft 
(forms CCCR 0019 - CCCR 0023)

Indigency Application Forms
(forms CCG N689A - CCG N689C)