The 2014 YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! underage drinking awareness campaign is underway throughout the State of Illinois. Coordinated through the Illinois Liquor Control Commission's (ILCC) Don't Be Sorry educational program, this year's spring kickoff event featured an announcement ceremony for the winner of our statewide teen video public service announcement (PSA) contest.

Click here to view the winning video in our 2014 Teen Video PSA Contest!

The goal of the YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! campaign is to change the behavior of adults who think it is okay to give alcohol to minors, with participating Illinois liquor retailers playing a key role. In a unique twist, teenagers created the campaign's logo and slogan. That’s right, YOUTH will be educating the ADULTS!
By posting YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! bottleneckers, necktags, window decals, signs, and posters, you will send a final reminder to members of your community that “preventing underage drinking is EVERYONE’s responsibility.” 

Click here to view our 30-second commercial promoting the Fall YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! campaign.

 YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! materials were designed by teens to reinforce positive behavior. The vast majority of adults in Illinois do NOT give alcohol to minors nor do the majority of teens drink alcohol. By posting these positive materials in liquor establishments throughout Illinois, adults will be reminded to “Stop, Think, and Prevent” underage drinking!
During the kickoff to this year's spring statewide event, the winner of the 2014 YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Teen Video PSA Contest was announced. Created by students from Villa Grove High School, located in Douglas County in eastern Illinois, the winning PSA will air on TV stations throughout the state later this year.
A judging panel featuring key stakeholders in the prevention field, at the local level, and in the liquor industry reviewed the teen artwork submissions and selected the Villa Grove High School team as the winner. The video was unveiled to the general public at an announcement ceremony at the school on April 23, 2014.
The new 2014 contest built upon the success of the 2013 Don't Be Sorry  Youth Art Contest, where teens from all corners of the state submitted designs featuring a positive, social norming message. Since the campaign's inception, Illinois Liquor Control Commission staff has been contacted by organizations from Alaska to Florida relating their interest in replicating the YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! effort in their state.
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