Instructions/Requirements for the 2013 Operating Season

The amusement ride forms have changed. The forms are PDF smart forms as listed below.

Please view our 2013 Application Cover Letter before proceeding.

Fill out the application completely. If you have any questions, please call our office (217-782-9347) or email us at

The application should be at our office at least 30 days prior to your first event. Applications may be mailed (printed and signed) or emailed (digitally signed), but faxed applications will not be accepted.

If you do not submit your application 30 days prior to your event, you are at severe risk of not getting your permits to operate. If you apply late, it is at the Department's discretion and availability to permit your rides.

An electronic document PDF form will be sent to each operator via email (owners with a valid email address) containing a pre-populated list of the rides listed in our database for the previous 2012 operating season. All others must acquire a blank form here.


Pay your permit fees online via the State of Illinois EPAY service by clicking on the "Pay On-Line with EPAY by Credit Card or e-Check" below or inside the 2013 Application and Registration Form below.

Pay Fees On-Line with EPAY


Emailed applications will not be processed or initial inspections scheduled until payment is made by mailing a check/money order or by using E-Pay. The registration form must identify all equipment by name, manufacturer and serial number or identification number. All inflatable attractions must be identified by type, character name(theme), and size.

If you receive a pre-populated form, please indicate if ride is no longer owned by checking the drop checkbox.

We will not accept ride listings or show schedules other than in these forms.

These documents must be submitted to the Amusement Ride and Public Safety Office.

Please save forms to your local machine before entering data or linking from the form to a weblink or you may loose your data. Right-click on link and "Save As.." to your local machine and then open with Adobe Reader (do not run in the browser).

  • IL452CA02 form, 2013 Application and Ride Registration Form (Operate, Register, and Schedule of rides. Attach scans of insurance/NDTs if emailed.)
    • K - Kiddie Ride $55.00
    • I - Inflatable Attraction $55.00
    • M - Major Ride $130.00
    • A - Amusement Attraction $130.00
    • R - Rope Tow or Conveyor $130.00
    • C - Coasters, Intermediate $260.00
    • L - Coasters, Large $390.00
    • S - Ski Lifts or Arial Tramways $390.00
  • IL452CA04 form, 2013 Worker Roster (For listing Workers, available for on-site inspection)
  • IL452CA03 form, 2013 Volunteer Roster (For listing Volunteers, available for on-site inspection)
  • IL452CA05 form, 2013 Route Change - Show Dates (Route changes required after initial registration has already completed.)
  • A company(owner/operator) listing with ride names, manufacturers and serial numbers is available at Owners-Rides List​. Please use this list to confirm rides or to list any that have been dropped from ownership.
  • You must include a current certificate of insurance with your application. You can attach the certificate in the PDF if sent by email. See Insurance Fact Sheet
  • You must provide the appropriate documentation for required NDTs. See Non-Destructive Test Fact Sheet​

You must keep these documents on site.

  • Owners are required to have a substance abuse policy on site, in writing including Random Drug Testing. A National Sex Offender Registry check is required. The website to perform these checks is This is an annual requirement unless the employee has been continuously employed by you. Does not include volunteers.
  • Criminal History records check is required for all employees operating or assisting in the operation of a ride or attraction. These checks may be performed by the Illinois State Police, another State or Federal Law Enforcement Agency or a State of Illinois approved vendor who is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners​. This is an annual requirement unless employee has been continuously employed by the operator running the background check. Volunteers are exempt from background checks.
  • Owners are required to maintain a Worker Roster (and Volunteer Roster if applicable) on site and available for inspection.
  • IL452CA03 form, 2013 Volunteer Roster
  • IL452CA04 form, 2013 Worker Roster
  • Ride/Attraction manuals are required for each ride or attraction. When manufacturer's manuals aren't available, owner created manuals must be used. All operators are required to be trained for the rides they operate. The training must be documented and available.
  • If you do not have the required documents on-site for the inspector to review, a 5-Day Letter will be issued. If the operator does not comply with the requirements of the letter then civil penalties, stop operations and/or criminal prosecution will result due to failure to comply.

Reporting of Accidents

An injury that requires treatment by a licensed physician must be reported, IN WRITING to the Department within 24 hours after the occurrence on the Accident Report Form. A fatality must be reported as soon as physically possible by calling 217-299-5512. The Accident Report Form should faxed (217-782-0596) or emailed to​.​