Getting Started​

To help make this process faster, please gather the following information before beginning.​

  1. List of rides intended to be registered for 2014
  2. Certificate of Liability Insurance
  3. List of show dates for 2014 season


  • Do not use a handheld device such as an iPhone, iPad, tablet or similar device to fill out this application. It will not work.
  • Before filling out information in the pdf document you must save this document to your local hard drive and re-open before continuing.
  • Once you have saved the document to a local hard drive, re-opened and filled out all of the application data return to page 1 of the application. Click verify sum.
  • Digitally sign the application. This will prompt you to attach the document to an email to submit​ to IDOL. The email address to send completed documents is​


Pay your permit fees online via the State of Illinois EPAY service by clicking on the "Pay On-Line with EPAY by Credit Card or e-Check" below or inside the Application and Registration Form above.