What You Need Prior To Applying for an Amusement Ride Operating Permit​




Fill out the application completely and sign it using the instruction sheet provided. This should be in our office at least​ 30 days prior to your first show or event of the season.

  • Email to DOL.Rides@Illinois.gov
  • Fax to DOL 217-782-0596
  • Mail to the address on the application



At the time of application you can pay your fees by e-check or credit card (All major credit cards except Visa) at E-Pay or by sending in a check or money order via mail. Checks may be sent separate from an electronic submission of the application. However, your application will not be processed until payment is received. Payment to Inspectors is not allowed.​ Checks should be made payable to: ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

Certificate of Insurance


The Amusement Ride Safety Act Section 2-14 requires that each applicant must have proof of liability insurance. Applicants must have a policy or policies that are of $1M per occurrence and $2M general aggregate. The Department of Labor shall be listed as a Certificate Holder with the address as follows:​

900 S Spring
Springfield, IL

Non-Destructive Tests (NDT)


If applicable, provide the appropriate documentation for your NDT. All NDT’s must be performed by a Level II or Level III technician. For specific information, see requirements for submitting NDT reports.


Worker & Volunteer Staff Roster Forms

Operators are required to provide to the inspector, at the time of inspection or upon request, with a completed “Worker and/or Volunteer Staff Roster” form listing all staff (operators, attendants, assistants and/or volunteers) that will be operating amusement rides or amusement attractions. View the forms.​

Substance Abuse Policy

Operators are required to have a substance abuse policy, in writing, which includes random drug testing. This requirement does not apply to volunteers. Have this information on site at all times. See resources from US Dept. of Labor for Drug Testing and substance abuse.​​

National Sex Offender Registry Check

Operators must perform or have performed a National Sex Offender Registry Check. The website to perform these checks is www.nsopw.gov. This is an annual requirement unless the employee has been constantly employed by you. This requirement does not apply to volunteers. Have this information on site at all times.​

Criminal History Records Check

Operators must perform a criminal history records check for all employees operating or assisting in the operation of amusement ride or attraction. Click here to find links of the Illinois State Police and State approved private vendors that are able to perform the background check. Background checks are name-based, State of Illinois-wide checks in conformance with the UCIA. This is an annual requirement unless the employee has been in the continued employ of the entity (No Lapse In Employment). This requirement does not apply to volunteers. Have this documentation on site at all times.

Ride or Attraction Manual

Operators must have a manual for each ride or attraction in operation. If you do not have one from the manufacturer of the ride or attraction or the ride or attraction is homemade, it is the responsibility of the owner to write one. Have this information on site at all times.

Training Documentation

Operators are required to provide ride-specific training to all operators and document the training in writing. Have this information on site at all times.

Requesting Inspections

Initial Inspections are scheduled approximately 2 weeks after the office receives your request and has processed your application. An inspector will contact you to schedule your inspection. After the ride or attraction has been inspected and approved for operation, the inspector will affix the permit decal to the ride and/or attraction. You are prohibited from operating rides or attractions in Illinois until they have been inspected and issued a current permit.