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    Are staffing agencies allowed to charge workers for rides to and from the job site?

    No, Illinois law specifies that staffing agencies (and their agents) are not allowed to charge for rides.(820 ILCS 175 Sec. 20)

    What do I do if someone offers me a ride in exchange for a portion of my take home pay?

    Ask if you can arrange your own transportation. If the person insists that you must pay them for transportation, take down their name, job site, staffing agency and call the hotline. 877-314-7052

    Can employers require workers to cash their checks at a specific bank or Currency Exchange?

    No, Illinois law prevents employers from designating a particular financial institution, bank or currency exchange. (820 ILCS 115 Sec. 4)

    What do I do if the staffing agency I work for takes me to a specific Currency Exchange to cash my check?

    Ask if you can have your check so that you can cash it at an institution of your choosing. If the person refuses to give you your check, take down their name, the job site, the staffing agency and call the hotline. 877-314-7052