Juvenile Justice Specialist Interns

Thank you for your interest in the Juvenile Justice Specialist Intern position.  This is a full-time position with the State of Illinois. There are six youth centers located throughout the state:  IYC Chicago, IYC Harrisburg, IYC Kewanee, IYC Pere Marquette, IYC St. Charles, and IYC Warrenville.  If you are new to this process, it is explained in the paragraphs below.  The first step is to submit an electronic application to begin the process.  Please read all qualifications listed below before submitting an application. 

The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice screening process has been developed to ensure the screening and hiring of qualified applicants for the Juvenile Justice Intern position.  Qualified applicants shall be a minimum of 21 years of age, posses a valid driver's license, be an Illinois resident, be a U.S. citizen or authorized alien with proof of permanent resident card.  All qualified applicants must speak, read and write the English language.  All applicants shall posses a Bachelor's Degree in the required fields of study from an accredited college.

The screening process shall consist of written examination, physical agility test, and an oral interview with two Rutan certified interviewers.  The written test shall access an applicant's ability to observe and interpret information by viewing a short video and completing a 20 question multiple choice test.  Applicants shall be required to write a short paragraph when asked a question, and the written response shall be graded to verify the applicant's ability to communicate their observations in writing.  The physical agility test will determine an applicant's physical ability to complete normal duties of the Juvenile Justice Specialist.  The oral interview shall consist of 2 Rutan certified interviewers using a standardized interview questionnaire and both interviewers shall independently rate the applicant on their replies to the questions asked.


  • Valid driver's license
  • Illinois resident
  • Bachelor's Degree in required field of study
  • U.S. citizen or authorized alien with proof of permanent resident card
  • Speak, read and write English


View hiring process for Juvenile Justice Specialist Intern:  procedure

Other Staff Positions

ALL POSITIONS OTHER than Juvenile Justice Specialist Intern available at the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice are listed with the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS).  These positions include all clerical, management, technical, educational, etc.  You may visit the CMS website listed below to obtain additional information about obtaining employment with the State of Illinois and to download a job application.

CMS Website:  http://work.illinois.gov/