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State Agency Liaison Unit

About the State Agency Liaison Unit

The State Agency Liaison Unit administers and enforces the statutory regulations of the Human Rights Act to ensure state governmental compliance with equal employment opportunity and affirmative action requirements.  The Act requires state executive agencies, boards, commissions, and instrumentalities to rigorously take affirmative action and to provide equal opportunity in employment.  State executive agencies must submit affirmative action plans, quarterly, layoff and other required reports to the Department.

All required reports are reviewed in accordance with the Human Rights Act and modifications are recommended as needed.  The Unit monitors each state executive agency to determine compliance with goals established within its affirmative action plan.  Unit members meet with covered agencies on a regular basis to discuss their affirmative action progress and EEO/AA accomplishments.  The Unit throughout the year provides ongoing technical assistance regarding statutory/regulatory requirements, complaint investigation, disability compliance, and sexual harassment prevention.  The unit also provides training for new agency EEO/AA Officers on developing an affirmative action plan and other required reports.

Annual affirmative action performance profiles are prepared for state executive agencies.  The Unit determines whether remedial efforts by state executive agencies are needed.  Such efforts may include implementation of training programs, month-to-month reporting, and meetings with Directors and other remedies.

Through the Disability Program, consultation and technical assistance on disability issues is provided to agency staff, members of the public, employers, landlords, and organizations serving people with disabilities.  This program serves as a resource on disability-related matters within state government and throughout the state in regards to compliance with the disability provisions of the Human Rights Act.  Through provision of technical assistance in this area, job and housing problems are more likely to be resolved at an early level, resulting in fewer formal charges of discrimination.  The Unit also serves as staff to the Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities (ICED), coordinating efforts in regards to ICED programs and activities. 

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FY16 EEO Report Due Dates


Affirmative Action Plan Information


Technical Assistance Guide for the Development of Affirmative Action Plans and Quarterly Reports for Illinois State Executive Agencies (Revised:  March 2016) 

Affirmative Action Plan Checklist 

State Regional Map

Availability Analysis  

Availability Analysis Using Online Data 

Printing for Excel


Illinois Census Data


Illinois Civilian Labor Force By Region (U.S. Census, 2014 American Community Survey, 5-year estimate) 

Population Changes for Illinois Counties, 2000 to 2010 

Illinois African American Population 2010 Census Data 

Illinois Asian American Population 2010 Census Data 

Illinois Hispanic Population 2010 Census Data  

Largest Sources of Employment in Each County, 2010


Quarterly Report Information


Quarterly Report (Narratives & Forms) 

Quarterly Underutilization Summary Instructions 

Quarterly Report Checklist  

Transactions Definitions 


Other EEO/AA Report Forms


Disability Forms 

Example Discrimination Complaint Form (DHR-21) 

Hiring and Promotion Monitor FAQ (PDF) (Revised:  July 2015) 

Hiring Monitor (DHR-19) (Revised: July 2015) 

Promotion Monitor (DHR-20) (Revised: February 2016) 

Example Exit Questionnaire (DHR-30) 


Other EEO/AA Compliance Reports And Documents


Technical Assistance Guide for Layoff Analysis Report