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FAQ:  How do Illinois' taxes compare with other states?
Illinois Has Some of the Lowest Taxes in the Midwest - According to Anderson Economic Group, the total tax
burden in Illinois is better than the national average and among the best in the Midwest.



FAQ:  Are companies expanding in Illinois or contracting?

Illinois is 3rd in the U.S. in Corporate Expansions According to Site Selection magazine, Illinois was in the Top 3
in the nation in the number of new and expanded corporate facilities. Illinois' Net Employment Gain is Positive:

In 2014:

  • Illinois leads the midwest in job creation
  • Illinois has second best job growth in the nation
  • Unemployment has dropped more than any other state in the last year
FAQ: How do Illinois' expenses compare with other global locations?
Illinois has some of the most competitive rents in the nation and the world
Illinois has the Smallest Government spending per capita in the Midwest (Henry Kaiser Family Foundation)
FAQ: How favorable is Illinois favorable to start-up ventures?
  • Illinois is Top 10 in the Nation for Tech Companies and Start ups according to Startup Genome
  • Illinois' Tech Industry employed Over 300,000 in 2013

FAQ: How active is Illinois in Foreign Trade?



Illinois exports totaled $65 billion in 2013 and will top $70 billion in 2014.
Source: WiserTrade (2013)

Illinois’ 2011 exports growth was nearly double that of the average U.S. export growth.
Source: Illinois Office of Trade & Investment


FAQ: Is the EDGE tax credit adding to the state's debt?

When a company wins an EDGE award no money changes hands. The State is giving the company a tax credit they can apply to their tax bill in exchange for a job commitment. If they don’t make 100 percent of their job commitment, they don’t get the EDGE tax credit. The state never allocates more tax dollars via EDGE than it takes in and 60 percent of EDGE credits go to companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

FAQ: How does Illinois’ electricity rates compare with other states?