Energy Efficiency Forms

Illinois Energy Now:  2014-2015 Public Sector Energy Efficiency Standard and Custom Incentive Programs for projects completed June 1, 2014 through May 8, 2015.  Please check here for latest version of Application to obtain latest revisions.  No new Applications will be accepted after April 1, 2015. 

2014-2015 Illinois Energy Now Public Sector Update February 2015

  • Funds continue to be available for Ameren Electric and Nicor customers.
  • Funds are limited for Peoples and North Shore customers.
  • Funds are exhausted for ComEd and Ameren Gas customers, no new applications are being accepted.
  • The 2015-2016 Illinois Energy Now Public Sector Energy Efficiency Standard and Custom Incentives may begin in June 15, 2015 for projects completed on or after June 1, 2015.

2014-2015 Illinois Energy Now Public Sector Update January 2015

2014-2015 Illinois Energy Now Public Sector Update December 2014

Important Update as of November 2014:

New Application Procedure:
1) Complete Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 and corresponding Incentive Worksheets in Section 4 (Standard Incentive Program Worksheets and/or Custom).  The Incentive Worksheets are accessed by checking the appropriate boxes on Application Page 6:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Equipment (HVAC VSDs, Water Heaters, Showerheads, LED Traffic Signals)
  • Kitchen
  • Custom (non-HVAC VSDs, Geothermal)

2) Save the Adobe.pdf as a new file with the Applicant Name.  Example: Urbana Public Library Application.pdf

3) Scan signed Section 2, a recent electric and/or natural gas utility bill and equipment specifications and save with the Applicant Name.  Example: Urbana Public Library Support.pdf

4) Attach all of these scanned documents as one attachment and also attach the completed Adobe.pdf file as a second attachment to  Example: Attach Urbana Public Library Application.pdf and Urbana Public Library Support.pdf

  • Electronic Submission is preferred or you can mail the project specific printed documents to: Illinois Energy Now, DCEO, 500 E. Monroe St., Springfield, IL 62701.
  • Please don’t mail and e-mail the same Application, this leads to confusion and waste.  DCEO only wants to receive forms specific to your project.

Guidelines include the DOUBLE-UP NATURAL GAS BONUS through May 8, 2015, while funds remain.

  • $$ Final year for increased gas incentives

​Clean Water Energy Efficiency Initiative ADDENDUM TO PROGRAM GUIDELINES

In response to the Federal and State Clean Water Initiatives, DCEO through the Energy Efficiency Program is offering this Addendum. The Addendum is to entice facilities to invest in newer energy efficient technology in the process of updating their current facilities. By leveraging funding from the Illinois EPA and the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, DCEO hopes to spur development of energy efficient clean water systems in Illinois.

This Addendum to the program guidelines for the Illinois Energy Now Public Sector Energy Efficiency Program (PSEE) applies to those projects where the Final Application is received by DCEO on or before 5:00 pm on May 15, 2014. PSEE applications for Turbo Blowers are not eligible for any other bonus. These PSEE incentives are only available as long as funds in the pilot program remain. All other program provisions and limitations apply.
Other Funding Sources you can use to leverage DCEO program funds:
Water Treatment Plants
The State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs, administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), include the Water Pollution Control Loan Program (WPCLP) for wastewater projects and the Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP) for drinking water projects. These two programs are annually the recipients of federal capitalization funding, which is combined with state matching funds, program repayments, and bond and interest proceeds to form a perpetual source of low interest financing for environmental infrastructure projects. The SRF programs will be the funding conduit for the Governor's recently announced Clean Water Initiative (CWI), an initiative that will utilize the existing program capacity of the well-developed SRF programs to leverage funding available for water infrastructure over at least the next three fiscal years.
The Foundation's Wastewater Pilot Program seeks to reduce energy consumption among publicly owned and operated facilities that treat waste water by providing incentives for both energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems. 
Government Buildings
Eligible facilities include stand-alone local government buildings providing: administrative, fire, law enforcement, emergency response, public works and other governmental services.  Eligible Applicants include local government agencies such as: municipalities, villages, towns, townships, fire protection districts & county sheriffs.  Ineligible Applicants include public library, K-12 school, park district, college/university, and other facilities covered by past Foundation lighting upgrade programs.  Annual grant application deadlines are March 14 or September 12.
Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Street and Roadway Lighting Pilot Program

Eligible Applicants include local government agencies: municipalities, villages, towns and townships. Such government agencies must own and operate their own street and roadway lights - Government agencies leasing such lights from local utilities are NOT eligible to participate in the Pilot Program.  Pilot program Applications are due March 13, 2015.
Recycling Fluorescent Lamps: 

Click here for Illinois Environmental Protection Agency information on managing used fluorescent lamps and high-intensity-discharge lamps.