Alternate Fuels

NOTE: This program is currently closed. When funding becomes available, announcements will appear in the Program Announcements Section of the Energy and Recycling Homepage.
More than a dozen alternate fuels are in production or under development for use in traditional, alternate fuel, and advanced technology vehicles. Using these types of fuels instead of conventional types helps the State reduce its petroleum use and vehicle emissions. Biofuels in particular are clean burning, renewable alternatives to traditional fuels, and the industry is a large economic driver in Illinois.

Illinois Biofuels Infrastructure Program

The Department administers the Illinois Biofuels Infrastructure Programs to accelerate the use and availability of higher blends of ethanol fuel, as clean burning, renewable alternatives to conventional unleaded gasoline, and in turn drives economic development in the State. Grants have historically been awarded to eligible business owners to purchase and install ethanol fuel pumps (E15-E85 certified blender and E85 dedicated) and storage tanks.

Note: To learn more about this program please contact Paul Pierre-Louis at 312.814.3630 or (TDD 800.785.6055)