Vicki Aleck *
Categories: Camera - Video; Camera Assistants; Editing: Video; Video Assist
Phone: (708)912-9832
"Out of the Blue Web Soap Opera"
Notes: Superb camera operator or assistant, non-linear editor Final Cut Pro 7, X and Adobe Premiere CS 6.  Switcher, remote set-up & break down.

American TV Productions
Categories: Publicists/Public Relations; Video Assist
K. Gibson
Phone: (815) 773-4497
Cell: (815) 341-3405
PO Box 7717Romeoville, IL 60446
Notes: (talk shows, industrial videos) (television)

Beatty Digital  Production Group
Categories: Audio/Visual Equipment; Video Assist
David Beatty
Phone: (217) 787-4747
Cell: (217) 899-7511
Fax: (217) 787-4865
1287 WabashSpringfield, IL 62704
Notes: (multiple cameras, live switching, digital formats, audio w/boom, post production) (sell, rent, service)

Amiel  Bunkley ^
Categories: Production Assistants; Video Assist
Phone: (312) 217-5483
"Professors" "In the Loop with Chris Bury & Barbara Pinto" "Transformers 3"

Cam Cart Video
Categories: Video Assist
Timothy Armstrong
Phone: (773) 636-9879
Fax: (773) 856-5097
6612 N. GlenwoodChicago, IL 60626
Notes: (digital video assist) "The Express" "Butterfly On A Wheel", commercials, features, music videos

Illinois Institute of Art Chicago
Categories: Film and Video Schools; Multimedia; Camera - Video; Video Assist
Phone: (312) 777-8500
Fax: (312) 777-8790

Creative HD, Inc. *
Categories: Video Assist; Video Equipment
Kevin Boyd
Phone: (323) 350-3446
2621 W. Grand Ave. Third Floor West
Chicago, IL 60612
Notes: We are a Chicago based Video Assist and Computer Video Playback Company. We provide equipment feature films, television and commercials. Please visit us at

Freelance Productions *
Categories: Location Scouts; Production Assistants; Video Assist
Nick Petges
Phone: (312) 404-7080
PO Box 10132Chicago, IL 60610
Notes: Stolen Summer "Excessive Force" "The Package" (Craft services equipment/support.  Walkie-talkies equipment/support.  Tools: Hand/power.  PC: for props/live, monitors, printers and other hardware.  Driver)   "Road to Perdition" "Falsely Accused"  (Available on or off site.  Camera equipment and office to upload photos.) (walkies, camera, lights, stands, sand bags, production tent)

Chelsea Goldberg
Categories: Camera Assistants; Assistant Directors; Photographers (still); Video Assist
Phone: (847) 721-9516
Notes: Work experience with DSLRs, strobe systems, comissioned portraiture, candids, and large format film. Two years in digital lab printing, digital transfers for still film.

Refugio Gonzales ^
Categories: Camera - Video; Publicists/Public Relations; Photographers (still); Video Assist
Phone: (773) 436-4500
Cell: (773) 991-5916
"Latino Culture" "Illinois Latino Voice" "Videos by DonReggie"
Notes: Chicagoan for over 50 years, vast networking system, key contacts in business, non-profit and community based organizations.  Experience photographer and video production. 

Christopher Hoerdemann
Categories: Camera Assistants; Editing: Video; Video Assist
Phone: (309) 310-7939

Pam Hudson ^
Categories: Audio/Visual Equipment; Video Assist; Editing: Video
Phone: (312) 777-8561
Cell: (773) 616-0692
Notes: Career Advisor with the Illinois Institute of Art. Looking to network with business to help students in the Digital Film making, Video and Audio fields.

Steven Jones ^
Categories: Video Assist; Writers; Camera Assistants; Editing: Video
Phone: (616) 240-6494
""Phillip Morris Non-Smoking Ad" "

J'mme Love * ^
Categories: Camera- Digital Technician/Digital Loader; Camera Assistants; Video Assist; Production Assistants
Phone: (312) 804-1008
"ABC" "Creative HD" "Fox"

Jacob Lowers
Categories: Camera - Video; Camera Assistants; Gaffers; Video Assist
Phone: (773) 756-6081
Notes: Rise Up "The Rapture" "Beef Can Steak"

Candice  Petill
Categories: Production Assistants; Camera Assistants; Editing: Film; Video Assist
Phone: (574) 360-6817
Notes: I have experience working for a web series and an independent film as a PA. I can set up as shot as well as take down necessary equipment

Producers Video
Categories: Video Assist; Video Remote Services
Jerry Skora
Phone: (847) 934-0999
Cell: (847) 980-9808
Fax: (847) 358-8697
PO Box 1865Palatine, IL 60078
Notes: (various packages available) (HD tech, manager & video colorist w/production trucks or fly-pack systems)

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