KEL Equine Productions
Categories: Animals; Prop Rentals/Resources; Costume Rentals and Sales; Stables
Karl Luthin
Phone: (217) 725-4249
208 S. 4th StreetRiverton, IL 62561
Notes: (Calvary horses, wagon horses, artillary hitch horses, horses for principle actors and stunt men) "Gods and Generals" "John Adams" "Second Hand Lions" (military uniforms from French and Indian War, Revolutionar War, Civil War, WW2-German, Spanish-American War) "Alamo" "Into the West" "Last of the Mohicans" (Wagons, military limbers and cassons, ammo boxes, tents, picket lines, trunks, officers desks, shovels, pitch forks, lamps, etc..) "Jonah Hex" "Into the West" "Glory" (Cavalry Horses, team ho

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