Categories: Craft Service/Rental
Jeffrey Hurt
Phone: (312) 927-2084
3821 N. Keystone Ave.Chicago, IL 60641
Notes: Full service craft service, rentals, trucks, vans, for any productions budget... union local 476, 485

Assata Amoaku * ^
Categories: Craft Service/Rental
Phone: (312) 799-9250
Notes: Craft Service and Catering for movies, music videos and television. I am also available for print and industrial work.

An Affair To Remember
Categories: Catering/Food & Coffee Services; Craft Service/Rental; Catering (Mobile Kitchens)
Sam Cirrincione
Phone: (773) 680-7000
4300 N. CentralChicago, IL 60634
Notes: Full service, custom designed menus, and kit & box rentals

Categories: Catering (Mobile Kitchens); Catering/Food & Coffee Services; Craft Service/Rental
Sam Cirrincione
Phone: (773) 680-7000
Fax: (847) 551-3441
4242 N. CentralChicago, IL 60634
Notes: (full service or drop off, custom designed menus) (full service, custom designed menus) (full service, vehicles, kit & box rentals)

Chicago Catering & Coffee Company ^ #
Categories: Catering (Mobile Kitchens); Catering/Food & Coffee Services; Craft Service/Rental
Victoria Salamanca
Phone: (773) 966-8917
Cell: (773) 759-1807
3612 N. SouthportChicago, IL 60613
Notes: mobile food and coffee truck available for up to 1000 guests, catering buffets, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, breaks, dessert bars, guacamole bars, taco bars and more!

Craft Service Truck
Categories: Craft Service/Rental; Truck Rentals; Catering (Mobile Kitchens); Catering/Food & Coffee Services
Kim Olney
Phone: (224) 588-6689
4242 N CentralChicago, IL 60634
Notes: This craft service vehicle is health board approved.  Full stainless steel interior, built in deli cooler, ice cream freezer.  Full coffee & tea service.

Dream Kitchen ^
Categories: Rentals; Craft Service/Rental; Catering/Food & Coffee Services
Kevin Echevarria
Phone: (888) 294-7742
Cell: (224) 600-1097
1544 Fleetwood Dr.Elgin, IL 60123
Notes: 5000 sf feet of commercial kitchen/ manufacturing space. Kitchen is available filming and photo shoots requiring a commercial kitchen set.

Freelance Productions *
Categories: Craft Service/Rental
Cell: (312) 404-7080
PO Box 10132Chicago, IL 60610
Notes: (Provide set-up, on set supervision, order pick-ups.  Supply tables, coolers, coffee set-up, small generator.  Features, music videos, commericals, industrial projects, foreign and domestic) "Excessive Force" "Stolen Summer" "Oprah Winfrey Productions"

Gatlin Production * ^
Categories: Craft Service/Rental; Editing: Video; Music Producers; Sound & Music Recording Studios
De Andre Gatlin
Phone: (773) 707-0377
649 E. 92nd StreetChicago, IL 60619
Notes: Light it Up "Driven" "The Watcher" "Light it Up" "Driven" "The Watcher" "Light it Up" "Driven" "The Watcher" "Light it Up" "Driven" "The Watcher"

Genco Catering *
Categories: Catering (Mobile Kitchens); Craft Service/Rental
Lou Caracci
Phone: (815) 834-9871
Cell: (815) 505-7744
Fax: (815) 834-9873
301 S. State St.Lockport, IL 60441
Notes: (full service, custom menus, grill outs, boxed lunches) (grill outs, walking meals, box rentals, full service)

Roxanne Hubbard ^
Categories: Craft Service/Rental; Art Department Coordinators
Phone: (773) 220-2061
Notes: Craft Services (Coolers, Coffee Urn, Hand Trucks, Set-up, capable of providing up to 200 People)

Jeffrey Hurt * ^
Categories: Craft Service/Rental; Special Effects
Phone: (312) 927-2084
"Transformers 3" "Contagion" "Chicago fire"
Notes: IATSE LOCAL 476

Darryl Johnson ^
Categories: Craft Service/Rental
Phone: (773) 425-8425
Notes: (full setup, large or small complete kit, ala carte rentals, BBQ on site) "Grace Is Gone" "Prison Break" "Roll Bounce"

Local Root Chicago
Categories: Catering (Mobile Kitchens); Catering/Food & Coffee Services; Craft Service/Rental
Bruce Meyer
Phone: (312) 643-1145
Cell: (970) 306-8177
Fax: (312) 643-1143
601 N. McClurg Ct.Chicago, IL 60611
Email: bruce@localrootchicago
Notes: Gourmet cuisine available for delivery to your studio, set or shoot site

Kathryn Madden *
Categories: Craft Service/Rental; Medical Personnel and Services - Paramedics
Phone: (773) 975-7333
Cell: (312) 504-3339
Notes: (full gear, up to 300 people) "Road To Perdition", commercials, music videos (RN/Medic, full paramedic gear)

Nappy Neck Records ^
Categories: Craft Service/Rental; Music Producers; Sound Mixers
DeAndre Ford
Phone: (773) 322-4702
Cell: (773) 816-8486
649 E. 92nd St.Chicago, IL 60619
Notes: (digital sound mixing, film scoring, commercial jingles, hip-hop documentaries, sweetening, final mix & mastering) "Light It Up" "Driven" "The Watcher" (digital sound mixing, film scoring, commercial jingles, hip-hop documentaries, sweetening, final mix & mastering) "Light It Up" "Driven" "The Watcher" (assistant)

Anne Stuart *
Categories: Craft Service/Rental; Picture Cars
Phone: (312) 330-1017
Notes: The Express "3:16" "The Burdon" (Picture car wrangler and coordinator with database.  Proffesional Driver.  Holds a CDL-B with S & P endorsements and no restrictions.)

Monoleto Wilborn * ^
Categories: Assistant Directors; Carpenters; Craft Service/Rental; Location Managers
Phone: (312) 560-1851
Fax: (773) 324-2849
""Roll Bounce"" ""Pleading Guilty""

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Directory entries with a * are members of a Union/Guild
Directory entries with a ^ are minority crew or vendors.
Directory entries with a # are women owned businesses.