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Cast Needed for Short Film
The short film “Sophia” is looking for cast.  Auditions will take place on July 12th from 10a- 4p at 5243 N. Clark Street in Chicago.  Pay will be negotiated upon casting.  Copy, credit and meals will be provided.  If you’re interested, please email and include a copy of your headshot.  Please include “Sophia/ (role you’re interested in)” in the subject line of your email.

DAVID BENJAMIN GOODMAN- (Late Teens – Mid 20's) Tall and slim. Medium-length black hair, dark eyes. Compassionate and deeply devoted to his friends.

SOPHIA CHARIS- (18 - mid 20's) Slim, athletic and very graceful. Blonde. Blue Eyes. Extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and quick-witted.

CARLOS PAREDES- (Late Teens – Mid 20's) Mexican. Black hair, dark eyes. Very intense- he is kind of person who never fully relaxes, and probably doesn’t know how.

CRAIG RHEINGRUBER- (Late Teens – Mid 20's) Big and strong, but not in the best shape. Kind, generous, and warm-hearted; fiercely loyal to friends. Rather girl-crazy in a “look, don’t touch” way.

HILLARD “DUKE” HEBDA- (Late Teens – Mid 20's) African American Creole/Polish. Top-ranked student in the school. Duke is one of the most outwardly mellow of the friends—calm and thoughtful, more likely to be an observer than an instigator.

SVETLANA “LANA” ULANOVA- (Late Teens – Mid 20's) Russian. Short, petite, pixie-like. Blue eyes. Willing and able to accept certain people and ideas on faith almost immediately, as she does with Sophia. Loving and fiercely protectively of her friends.

SHEETAL MAHARJAN- (Late Teens – Mid 20's) Indian/Nepali. Very long, straight black hair. Youngest of the group. Can be shy and submissive, but becomes increasingly bold under Lana and Sophia’s tutelage.

JEFF- (Late Teens – Mid 20's) Muscular/Fit. Football Star. Attractive. Athletic Jock. Social royalty. Arrogant and condescending attitude.  


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