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Cast Needed for Feature Film “Fairfield Music Festival”
Actors, singers and dancers are needed for “Fairfield Music Festival,” a mockumentary about a group of young people coming together to help raise money to provide television closed captioning for the blind.  Talent can expect full SAG pay for the project.  If you’re interested please send your headshot/photo, resume and the role you’re interested in to  Casting for the following roles:   
BOBBY SIMON- attractive woman in her late 20s
WALLY- late 40s, stuck in the 1960s with long beard, not very bright
REGGIE- never seen, often heard cameraman
CARL- 50s, slightly overweight
DON- 30s, African American male, doesn’t know or care what he’s doing
KATHY & TAYLOR- attractive college girls
MARY & ED- married elderly hippy couple
ROSCOE- long hair, beard, in washed up rock band, no idea where he is
JIMMY- long hair, lead singer in washed up rock band, bad memory
PHIL- long hair, drummer in washed up rock band
SID- guitar player in washed up rock band 
MAN- 50s, Caucasian male fan of washed up rock band
REPORTER- mid-30s, male
STEVE & WANDA- 20s, performing couple, Wanda is pregnant
BILLY- Jewish male
INJURED MAN- 40s, Caucasian male, monkey bite victim
ROBERT COURSE- 60s male, no nonsense health inspector
Man- 20s
MUSIC REPORTER- 20s, Caucasian male
FOREMAN- 40s, male
HELPER- 20s, male

Cast Needed for “Casting Call” Reality TV Show
Cast needed for the reality TV show “Casting Call,” in which aspiring actors compete for roles in the movie “Steps of a Mastermind.”  The show will be shooting in Chicago on Saturday, August 29th from 11a- 11p.  The roles are non-paid but credit will be provided.  If you would like to schedule an audition time, please send your headshot and information to or  Casting for the following roles:  
FATHER BLANCHARD- Caucasian  male age 60-75, heartbroken, kind pastor and father
LITTLE SARA-Caucasian female age 7-12, sneaky and deceptive
SARA- Caucasian female age 22-35, the lead role, sexy, seductive and sneaky
RAY- African American male age 25-50, sneaky, manipulative con artist
DENNIS- African American male age 30-55, serious, worried, angry businessman
DRIVER- Caucasian male age 30-55, sorry driver who caused a serious accident
CLARENCE- Caucasian male age 30-50, homeless man
MEYERS- Caucasian male age 35-55, serious, no nonsense businessman
TROY- African American male age 17-27, angry son, can skate and step dance (similar to ballroom)
SHELIA- African American female age 20-40, easy woman who is hurt by a man
JUNE- African American male age 25-50, well built and muscular, hard, manipulative, dirty prisoner guard
PAROLE OFFICER- Caucasian male or female age 45-65, hardcore and tough
NATALIE- African American female age 25-45, supportive wife
SYLVIA- Caucasian female age 20-35, deceitful, sexy and sneaky
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