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Regulatory Alert


If any of the following proposed regulations impact your business, let us know!   Click here to submit comments on how the proposed rulemakings will impact your business or industry.   

Following are  proposed rules of possible interest to small businesses published in the Illinois Register.  During the comment period, individuals have an opportunity to express their support or opposition to the rule.  To submit comments or to learn more about the proposed rules, contact Katy Khayyat at the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Business Information Center via e-mail at  or call (800) 252-2923 or (217) 785-8020. 

To get more information on Illinois Rules and Regulations, how to file a complaint about a burdensome or excessive state rule, go to





The following proposed amendments will impact liquor manufacturers, distributors and retailers:    




The Illinois Liquor Control Commission proposed amendments to the Part titled The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (11 IAC 100; 38 Ill Reg 19615) concerning sales and returns of alcohol products among manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.  The rulemaking prohibits manufacturers and distributors from making consignment sales or conditional sales in which the retailer is not obligated to pay for the product until it has been sold.  Products delivered or sold to a retailer may not be replaced free of charge unless there is a bona fide business reason for replacement of a damaged or defective product.  The rulemaking specifies the conditions under which alcohol products can and cannot be returned to the distributor or manufacturer due to breakage or damage and lists acceptable “ordinary and usual” commercial reasons for returning alcohol products (e.g., errors in delivery, termination of business or franchise, a change in product composition or formula).  Returns due to overstocking, slow sales or limited or seasonal demand are specifically excluded from the list of acceptable commercial reasons for returning an alcohol product. 


Bottom Line:  The proposed rule prohibits a manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic liquor from conditionally selling alcoholic liquor on consignment.  In addition, the rule defines bona fide reasons a retailer and distributor of alcoholic liquor can return alcoholic liquor to the seller.  For questions or comments, contact Richard Haymaker, Liquor Control Commission at (312) 814-1804.   Click here to submit comments.




The following proposed regulation will impact businesses that have installed elevators or employ elevator inspectors or repair personnel: 


The Elevator Safety Review Board proposed amendments to Illinois Elevator Safety Rules (41 IAC 1000; 38 Ill. Reg. 19601) updating nationally recognized safety standards that are incorporated by reference in this Part.  The rulemaking also requires inspector licensees to be certified by a nationally or internationally recognized independent organization as having met American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) elevator inspector standards. 


Bottom Line:  The proposed rulemaking updates the nationally recognized safety standards that are incorporated by reference in the Elevator Safety Rules.  Section 35 of the Act gives the Elevator Safety Review Board one year to adopt or amend and adopt updated national safety codes cited in the statute.  The national safety standards being updated at this time were adopted by the Elevator Safety Review Board in the summer of 2014.  This rulemaking will also make minor updates to the language in Section 1000.80 to conform the language in that Section t amendments to the Act made by PA 98-1090 (effective August 26, 2014).  Finally, the rulemaking updates cross references to the applicable hearing rules.  For questions or comments, contact Bob Capuani, Elevator Safety Division, Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal at, or call (312) 814-8734.  Click here to submit comments.






For more information on anything in this issue of Regulatory and Information Alert, contact Katy Khayyat at or call (217) 785-8020 or (800) 252-2923.  To be removed from this mailing list, please contact Katy Khayyat at or by calling (217) 785-8020 or (800) 252-2923.