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Regulatory Alert


If any of the following proposed regulations impact your business, let us know!   Click here to submit comments on how the proposed rulemakings will impact your business or industry.   

Following are  proposed rules of possible interest to small businesses published in the Illinois Register.  During the comment period, individuals have an opportunity to express their support or opposition to the rule.  To submit comments or to learn more about the proposed rules, contact Katy Khayyat at the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Business Information Center via e-mail at  or call (800) 252-2923 or (217) 785-8020. 

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The following proposed amendments will impact licensed establishments and licensed terminal operators under the Video Gaming Act:                   
The Illinois Gaming Board proposed amendments to “Video Gaming (General)” (11 Ill. Adm. Code 1800; 38 Ill. Reg. 12655) requiring licensed manufacturers and licensed distributors to inform the terminal operators with whom they do business if the video gaming terminal’s hardware or software has been revoked for any reason.  Terminal operators must provide the Board with a monthly list of video gaming terminals in Illinois.  Licensed video gaming locations must promptly report to the terminal operator any unlawful activity on the property or in the location that involves or affects terminals or other gaming devices or services.  Licensed video gaming locations must also report to the Board’s administrator or designee failure of the terminal operator to service and repair video gaming terminals, unauthorized or illegal video gaming terminals or devices, action against the licensed location’s liquor license, and unlawful or unwarranted entry onto the property or location that involves or affects terminals or other gaming devices or services.  All licensed video gaming locations must have a sign that states video gaming is restricted to people 21 years old and older. 
Bottom Line:  The rulemaking makes the following changes to the video gaming (general) rules (11 Ill. Admin. Code 1800):
Posting of 21 and older signage; notification of criminal activity: The proposed rulemaking amends Section 1800.220 (Continuing Duty to Report Violations). The amendatory language requires locations to post signage that indicates play of a video gaming terminal (VGT) is specifically limited to persons 21 years of age or older. The amendatory language also establishes a continuing duty on the part of location licensees to promptly report to the Administrator (or his or her designee), and to the terminal operator who placed VGTs at the location, information regarding break-ins to the location and other activities involving or affecting VGTs or redemption devices or their play, mechanism or contents. It also performs minor clean-up of the arrangement of the rule language. 
Notification of revoked hardware and software: The proposed rulemaking amends Section 1800.230 (Duties of Licensed Manufacturers), and Section 1800.240 (Duties of Licensed Distributors). Under the amendatory language, a licensed manufacturer or distributor has an ongoing duty to promptly notify all licensees under the Act with whom it does business if hardware or software used in the operation of its VGTs is revoked for any reason. 
Monthly inventory reports from terminal operators:
Section 1800.250 (Duties of Licensed Video Terminal Operators) currently imposes upon terminal operators an ongoing duty to “provide the Board with a current list of video gaming terminals acquired
for use in Illinois.” Some terminal operators, however, are failing to provide the Board with the monthly inventory reports requested by Board agents. The purpose of the present rule change is to require all terminal operators to provide these reports on a monthly basis.
For questions or to submit comments, contact Emily Mattison, General Counsel, Illinois Gaming Board, at Click here to submit comments. 

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