River Edge Redevelopment Zone

The purpose of the River Edge Redevelopment Program is to revive and redevelop environmentally challenged properties adjacent to rivers in Illinois.

The River Edge Redevelopment Zone Act authorizes DCEO to designate zones in five cities – Aurora, East St. Louis, Elgin, Peoria and Rockford.

The River Edge Redevelopment Zone (RERZ) Program is designed to achieve its goals through the use of several incentives authorized by State law.  Two of these – sales tax exemption and property tax abatement (if offered in the zone) – are administered by the local zone administrators.  The others involve tax incentives that may be claimed on your Illinois Income Tax filing. 

Cover Letter for Annual Report - 2007
Annual Report - 2007
Annual Report - 2008
Annual Report - 2009

Program Evaluation Report – 12/31/09

Investment Tax Credits:  Allow RERZ businesses to claim an additional 0.5% credit on their Illinois Personal Property Tax Replacement Tax for the cost of qualified depreciable property placed in service in the zone.  The Illinois Income Tax Act allows an additional credit equal to 0.5% of the basis of qualified property placed in service during the taxable year in a River Edge Redevelopment Zone, provided such property is placed in service on or after July 1, 2006, and the taxpayer's base employment within Illinois has increased by 1% or more over the preceding year as determined by the taxpayer's employment records filed with the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Taxpayers who are new to Illinois shall be deemed to have met the 1% growth in base employment for the first year in which they file employment records with the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Environmental Remediation Tax Credit:  Allows for a credit against State Income Taxes for some non-reimbursed eligible costs for remediation work done on an RERZ site resulting in a “No Further Remediation Letter” being issued.  This requires a joint review by DCEO and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA).  The credit is 0.25 for each dollar spent for non-reimbursed remediation expenses.  Contact the IEPA for further information.

Dividend Income Deduction:  Allows individuals, corporations, trusts and estates to deduct an amount equal to dividends paid to them by a corporation that conducts substantially all of its operation in the RERZ from their taxable income.

Interest Income Deduction:  Allows financial corporations to deduct an amount equal to the interest received for a loan for development in an RERZ from their corporate State Income tax.  The loan must be secured by property located within an RERZ.

Building Materials Sales Tax Exemption:  Allows for exemption of sales tax on construction materials for non-residential projects within the RERZ.  Forms necessary to claim this “point-of-sales” exemption are available from the local administrator.

Property Tax Abatement:  RERZs may offer property tax abatement within the zone.  To determine if a property tax abatement may be available, contact the local zone administrator.

For general information about RERZs, contact:

Illinois Department of Commerce
& Economic Opportunity
Bureau of Business Development
500 East Monroe,
Springfield, Illinois 62701
Tel  217-785-6169
TDD 800-785-6055
For more information about the Environmental Remediation Tax Credit, contact the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Remediation Management:

For more information about the Peoria RERZ, contact:
Eric Setter
Development Specialist
City of Peoria 
(City Hall) 419 Fulton Street, Room 300, Peoria, IL 61602 
(309) 494-8627

For information about the Rockford RERZ, contact:
Jovita Donahue, Development Specialist
City of Rockford Community Development Dept.
Economic Development Division
Phone: (779) 348-7419 
Fax: (815) 967-6933

For information about the Aurora RERZ, contact:
Bill Wiet
Chief Development Officer
City of Aurora
1 South Broadway
Aurora, IL 60507
Fax 630-256-3019

For more information about  the East St. Louis RERZ, contact:
Deletra Hudson
City Manager
City of East St. Louis
301 River Park Drive
East St. Louis, IL 62201
(618) 482-6664 (office)
(618) 482-6788 (fax)

Tina M. Phillips
Economic Development Specialist
City of East St. Louis
301 River Park Drive
East St. Louis, IL 62201
(618) 482-6665 (office)
(618) 207-0272 (mobile)

For more information about  the Elgin RERZ, contact:
Richard G. Kozal
Assistant City Manager
City of Elgin
150 Dexter Court
Elgin, IL 60120-5555

For tax information on the River Edge Redevelopment Program, click here.