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Summer Energy Assistance Program

Beginning July 7, 2014, DCEO's Office of Energy Assistance is providing funding so that local Community Action Agencies (CAA) can offer summer energy assistance to eligible households.  The Summer Program is similar to the LIHEAP program in that it provides eligible households with a one-time payment to the utility to help make their electric bills more affordable.

Current participants in the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) are ineligible for summer energy assistance.

This program is targeted to at-risk households, defined as seniors, persons with disabilities, families with children age 5 years or under as of the date of the application, and those with medical conditions that would be aggravated by extreme heat.

To qualify for this assistance, at-risk households must have an income less than or equal to 150% of the poverty level as defined by the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):



Family Size

30 Day Income













The Summer Energy Assistance Program ends on July 23, 2014 or until agencies run out of funds, whichever occur first.
For more information, please contact your local Community Action Agency.
For Additional assistance, please feel free to call the Energy Assistance Hotline at (877) 411-9276.