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Urban Assistance

The mission of the Office of Urban Assistance (OUA) is to create and implement policies designed to address the pressing economic needs of residents, businesses and stakeholders in the State’s urban areas.  The OUA administers the Urban Weatherization Initiative, Employment Opportunities Grant Program, Illinois Fresh Food Fund and other programs that are designed to engage and create jobs in the urban communities across the State of Illinois.
Urban communities often face unique challenges and opportunities.  This section lays out some programs that are intended to help increase access to fresh foods; as well as help with job training for the building trades and in the field of weatherization. 
In addition to these programs, the office will be responsible for: 
  • Incentivizing new industrial enterprises to locate in urban areas of Illinois, thereby stimulating local economies and creating jobs; Gathering and providing information on revitalization efforts of urban areas to public and private entities; and
  • Recommending and formulating policies that result in the reconstruction of urban economies.


RWP Procedures Manual FY 2013-2014


Dear RWP Applicants,

As the RWP Request for Proposal states, “Applicants are strongly advised to review the Procedure Manual before responding to this RFP,” please click here for the current RWP Procedure Manual for the Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014.  As mentioned in the bidder’s meeting, this version of the RWP Procedure Manual  is being modified for Fiscal Year 2014 – 2015. Therefore, please use this current version as a reference for understanding the program requirements for grantees, including details for program eligibility, conducting assessments, performing efficiency upgrades, and monitoring performance.  

Once finalized, the updated RWP Procedure Manual  will be distributed to the RWP grantees who are awarded for Fiscal Year 2014 – 2015. Please note that this modified version will then be the official document containing the RWP program requirements by which RWP grantees will be required to adhere and by which DCEO will monitor compliance. The attached RWP Procedure Manual used for Fiscal Year 2013 – 2014 will no longer be valid.   


For additional information, please contact:
Office of Urban Assistance