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Edens Lost and Found

The Edens Lost and Found Project is a new, free, educational resource provided by the Illinois Sustainable Education Project.

EDENS LOST & FOUND, a four-hour PBS series, crosses America to showcase extraordinary stories of environmental rebirth in four very different American cities and the visionary leaders transforming the urban landscape.

The first segment of EDENS LOST & FOUND, local air dates below, focuses on Chicago. The Chicago segment features innovative efforts to create more open, natural spaces in the city including Millennium Park, a 24-acre park that was built atop a new parking garage, and other "Green Roof" projects; Edens Place in Fuller Park; Elgin High School Environmental Program; and Calumet City refurbishing.

Curriculum being developed will be based on topics raised in the PBS documentary series Edens Lost and Found, which examines how four U.S. cities Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle use cutting-edge strategies to revitalize their urban landscapes and improve city life for all their inhabitants.  This integrated planning, combined with local community support, tackles topics including open spaces and public parks, urban forestry, alternative fuels, watershed management, public art, waste disposal, recycling, green architecture, mass transit and more.  These subjects are the foundation for the curriculum which will encourage critical thinking, build multi-disciplinary problem solving skills and develop the students capacity for decision-making as both individuals and as part of a larger community. 

Edens Lost and Found multimedia project has an extensive resource-rich web site, e-newsletter, community action guides, community-based and national outreach program, and free downloadable teacher guides. Visit for teaching ideas.  Educators, once on Edens site, be sure to click on Environmental Activities in Your Area and follow links to see how Illinois Environmental Educator of the Year, Deb Perryman, uses activities in her classroom.

In addition, ISTEP provides Illinois educators a FREE Edens Lost & Found DVD, featuring the Chicago segment with supporting educational materials, including a downloadable Teacher Guide.  The DVD and resource material are most appropriate for 7th-12th grades.
To order the Edens Lost and Found DVD email Susan at