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Illinois Sustainable Education Project (ISTEP)


The Office of Energy and Recycling has developed a new integrated approach to our once separate energy and recycling education programs. New efforts in education will now fall under one program -- the Illinois Sustainable Education Project (ISTEP). This new integrated approach will focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and the process of recycling as key learning examples of resource conservation and environmental stewardship. The program will continue to emphasize the link between energy, recycling, the economy, and the environment and will provide Illinois students and teachers with the necessary information to make informed decisions. ISTEP offers educational resources, including hands-on inquiry kits, bookmarks, and posters. ISTEP materials incorporate energy efficiency and recycling into a variety of subjects including literacy, math, social science, and fine art.

Sustainability defined:
Actions are sustainable when their economic, environmental, and social consequences do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

ISTEP Mission:
The Illinois Sustainable Education Project (ISTEP) provides education about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the process of recycling to increase the awareness of:

  • the link between economic development and environmental protection
  • the environmental and economic consequences of our actions and values,
  • and how informed decisions can move Illinois toward a more sustainable future.

Zero Waste RFA - Deadline: March 20, 2009

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