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Administrative Personnel


Director's Office

Jim Schultz
Assistant Director
Andria Winters
Chief of Staff
Heidi Brown-McCreery
Chief Operating Officer
Mike Hoffman
General Counsel
Justin Heather
Chief Internal Auditor

Program Offices 

Team Red
Antonio Baxton (Acting)
Office of Film
Christine Dudley
Office of Tourism
Cory Jobe
Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology
Esther King
Office of Energy & Recycling
Molly Lunn (Acting)
Office of Trade & Investment
Margo Markopoulos (Acting)
Office of Coal Development
Emily Monk (Acting)
Office of Energy Assistance
Emily Monk (Acting)
Office of Urban Assistance
Emily Monk (Acting)
Office of Business Development
Vic Narusis
Office of Employment & Training
Julio Rodriguez
Office of  Community Development
David Wortman 

Staff Offices  

Human Resources
Kent Bozarth
Grants Management Unit
Mary Feagans (Acting)
Information Management
Kevin Harrison
Marketing & Communications
Tonya Lamia
Chief Financial Officer
Travis March
EO Monitoring & Compliance
Emily Monk (Acting)
Legislative Affairs
Andrew Perkins
Rick Rogers
Management Operations
Frank Cho
Lyndsey Walters
Policy Development, Planning & Research
Marty Johnson
Accountability & Transparency
Phil Wyatt (Acting)