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State Government Suggestion Award Board (SGSAB)

Any Illinois resident may submit money-saving suggestions to the State Government Suggestion Award Board. Illinois residents can win between $50 and $5,000 for a successful suggestion.

Each suggestion is assigned a reference number, presented to the board, and if appropriate, forwarded to relevant state agencies to determine if it is feasible, original, and cost-saving.

If an agency certifies that a suggestion is feasible, the SGSAB will consider its eligibility for an award. Each award is paid based on the savings it generates.

Award Amounts

Suggestion Form, [PDF, 177k]

The form requires Acrobat Reader. Please read the rules below before completing the Suggestion Form.

Participation Rules:

  1. You must be an Illinois resident.
  2. The suggestion must be original and may not constitute the solution to a procedure or problem which you are paid to solve as part of your employment.
  3. The suggestion cannot be taken from any report, study, document, or publication of the state or paid for by the state.
  4. The suggestion must result in financial savings by the state and taxpayers.
  5. The suggestion must not require a state or federal constitutional change.
  6. The suggestion may require enactment of Illinois legislation but the suggestion must indicate the substance or nature of the lawmaking.
  7. The suggestion must not propose anything harmful or dangerous to the health, safety, or well-being of employees, residents, or clients.
  8. The suggestion must state a specific problem or situation and propose a specific solution to it.
  9. The suggestion form must be filled out completely and signed.

Meeting Dates/Agenda

All meetings are held in Room 307 of the State Capitol at 10:00 a.m. Call 217-782-4655 to verify meeting dates and times, or for other questions about this initiative.