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Ordering & Billing FAQ

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    Why are there so many different forms? CMS should design one all-purpose form for all services.

    Each product and service requires different Questions to be answered for the ordering of that particular product or service. For clarification purposes, it is necessary to use different forms. 

    Does the Service Catalog include information on how to order the services?

    Yes, it does. Please refer to the Service Catalog page in Question for direction on ordering each service.

    What are the expected time intervals for Telecom related service orders?

    Please refer to the Service Delivery/Targeted Timelines [PDF] provided.

    I receive the telecommunications bills approve them for payment, but I do not completely understand all of the charges. Can anyone help me make sense of this?

    The Telecom Coordinator Guide to CSC Services and the Telecommunications Coordinator Guide to EMS Inquiry can help you make sense of your telecommunications bills. If you have additional Questions, you may contact the CRF Billing Help Desk at (217) 524-9369.

    I have a Question about my CMS bill. Who should I contact?

    CMS BCCS Business Services is the business unit at BCCS responsible for answering your billing Questions. Please direct your inquiries to one of the following phone numbers:
    1. For communications problems contact the CRF Billing Help Desk at (217) 524-9369 or by email at;
    2. For computer billing issues contact the SSRF Billing Help Desk at (217) 782-5046 or by email at