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Telecommunications Forms

Accounts Receivable Credit Request Form (ARCRF)
To resolve problems concerning billing discrepancies, disallowed calls, credit adjustments, etc.; please complete the "Credit Adjustment Form." Attach all supportive documentation related to the claim and explain the error.

AT&T International Card Verification Center Form
This override service allows AT&T card holders to call specified countries from most telephones in the United States using their AT&T calling card. Users can call from country to country using World Connect Service. Intended for customers who make international calls to or from countries experiencing a high incidence of calling card fraud. AT&T has the right to refuse this service.

Agencies will need to request access to Cisco Jabber via a Telecommunications Services Request (TSR) along with this Collaboration User Profile Spreadsheet. 

Cost Center (AU) Request Form (Interactive)
The cost center (AU) number is the 10-digit number used for aggregating an agency’s or division’s or business unit’s telecommunications charges. An agency needs to provide a cost center to the Division of Business Services before an order can be finalized or an invoice billed. The first three digits of a cost center are assigned by the Comptroller and represent the Comptroller’s Uniform Statewide Accounting System (CUSAS), or agency code. The final seven digits are assigned by the agency. Many agencies choose to designate these by division or type of service. The numbering system needs to be meaningful to the agencies, as it will be used for tracking orders, billing, and audit purposes. The cost center must be written on every TSR. It appears in the description on a voucher.  

Customer Registration Form (IWIN/Telecom)

The BCCS Agency Registration Contact Information – (a/k/a) Telecommunications Coordinator Authorization Form gives an agency Director the ability to authorize one or more staff within the agency to serve as Telecommunications Coordinator. An Agency Telecommunications Coordinator serves as the official voice of the agency for all requests for telecommunications products and services. Through the authorization form, an agency director authorizes the Coordinator to expend agency funds for telecommunications products and services. The form also allows an Agency Director to identify other staff who should receive mailings, training schedules and updated information from the Division of Telecommunications.

P-Phone Key Sheets
This sheet will accompany all TSR orders requesting new P-Phones or changes to existing P-Phones. There is a separate key sheet for each P-Phone model, please be sure to use the correct form. When using key sheets to accompany a TSR, you only need to complete the Customer Information section unless other services are requested.

Telecommunications Service Request (TSR)
The TSR-TDR is completed for all data equipment, use of network facilities, voice orders, LAN installations, moves, changes, and fiber optics requests.

VoIP Master Spreadsheet

Access the VoIP Master Spreadsheet for user input.

Telephone Calling Card Request
This form is completed to request a telephone credit card to be used by state employees whose duties require that they frequently make calls from locations other than their home office.