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Ordering Information Technology Services

Requests for Information Technology Services must be submitted by your Agency appointed IT Coordinator.  If you do not know who your IT Coordinator is, please contact the Service Desk at 217-524-4784 or 800-366-8768.


Agency IT Coordinators must perform the following actions:

For all PC related "user specific" requests that requires movement, additions, or changes to E-mail, Security, Software, or Personal Computing:

  1. Complete:IT Service Modification Addendum Form
  2. Email completed form to:

For other "non-user specific" IT services requests such as Applications, Remedy access, SharePoint service, Mainframe, Server-Related requests:

  1. Proceed to and complete the appropriate IT Form
  2. Email completed IT form to:

For Network Printer Support Service:

  1. Proceed to and review "Print Device Acquisition Process"
  2. Proceed to and complete the appropriate IT Form
  3. Email completed IT form to: