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Category: Telecom

Please note that the following telephone system will be manufacturer discontinued effective June 30, 2016.
eOn SDI VPS Telephone System
Replacement parts and support will no longer be available for this telephone system.  The only site that this affects is the Department of Transportation located at 819 Depot Ave., Dixon.  The recommended replacement is the Avaya IP Office.
BCCS Telephone/Voice services help connect you to the outside world by providing you a dial tone. Centrex, Business Lines, Voice Mail, long distance and enhanced 911 are just a few of the options available via BCCS Telephone/Voice services.
In addition to the number of services offered, BCCS also offers a full selection of telephones and accessory equipment. Customers can design an optimal telephone architecture choosing from a variety of analog and digital telephones as well as attendant consoles. Customers may also blend the right mix of accessories to complement the respective telephone equipment that they use.
Multiple vendors are under contract to provide equipment, service, maintenance, and repair.
BCCS telecommunications services are available to all state agencies, boards, commissions, universities, offices of the Illinois House and Senate, and Constitutional Officers.


​Item ​Unit of Measure ​Allocation Code ​Service Rate
​POTS - Local Calls (Contract Carriers) ​Per Minute ​01 ​$0.03
​POTS - Intrastate Toll Calls (Contract Carriers) ​Per Minute ​02 ​$0.06
​POTS- Interstate Toll Calls (Contract Carriers) ​Per Minute ​03 ​$0.07
​POTS Local Toll
(IntraLATA Toll) (Contract Carriers)
​15 ​$0.05
​Misc. Carrier Charges ​Per Minute ​110% of Vendor Rate
​International Calls ​14 ​110% of Vendor Rate
​Directory Assistance ​Per Call ​16 ​Pass-Through
​Directory Advertising
(Government Section Listing)
​Per Listing ​29 ​$6.60
​Summary Billing Toll Charges ​19 ​110% of Vendor Rate
​Voice Mail Service ​54 ​Multiple Rates
​LAN-Based Voice Messaging ​60 ​Multiple Rates
​Voice Equipment Maintenance ​91 ​Multiple Rates
DSL Service​ ​31 ​110% of Vendor Rate
Terminal Equipment​ ​90 ​Mulitple Rates

Please see Desktop Phones for a listing of phone products.


Wiring Rates (will be billed at time and material rates) 

Wire Type ​Service Rate
PVC cable 4 pair per run​ ​Call CSC for Quote
Teflon cable 4 pair per run​ Call CSC for Quote
PVC cable 25 pair per run​ ​Call CSC for Quote
Teflon cable pair per run ​Call CSC for Quote
Voice/Data wiring 4 pair PVC ​Call CSC for Quote
​Voice/Data wiring 4 pair Teflon ​Call CSC for Quote
Data Wiring 4 pair PVC ​Call CSC for Quote
​Data Wiring 4 pakr Teflon ​Call CSC for Quote
50 pair non-plenum w/jack ​Call CSC for Quote
​100 pair non-plenum w/jack ​Call CSC for Quote
​50 pair plenum w/jack ​Call CSC for Quote
​100 pair plenum w/jack

​Call CSC for Quote

Labor Rates 

Time​ ​Service Rate
1 hr labor​ ​$  144.00


 Telephone Cord Rates 

Type & Length​ ​Rate
12' hanset cord​ ​$   2.70
​25' handset cord ​$   4.56
​14' base cord ​$   2.88
25' base cord​ ​$  10.56

What is Included?

Standard Features

  • Annual maintenance on covered equipment/service
  • Local and long distance calling
  • Analog devices (i.e., single-line, multi-line, conference, cordless, and line status indicator)
  • Digital/IP-phone devices (i.e., Meridian speaker, display, and adjuncts)
  • Attendant consoles (i.e., Centracom and Tone Commander)
  • Norstar devices

Non-Standard Features

  • Single and multiple-line answering machines (i.e., Panasonic KX-TM100 and Lucent 1782)
  • Head and ear support systems (i.e., Plantronics H Series)

Requests for non-standard features should be directed to the Customer Service Center (CSC) at the number listed below.

What Should You Expect?

  • Please contact your CSS for installation estimates and planning
  • Installation by mutually agreed upon due dates
  • Ordering tasks are performed during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • CSC Communications Systems Specialists (CSS) are dedicated to providing price quotations and low-cost alternatives, clarifying order information, monitoring order status, and updating billing information. They also help with the analysis and development of the appropriate product and service mix to fulfill specific short and long term customer needs
  • Integrated ordering, inventory, and billing in a shared database that's accessible to customer Telecom Coordinators to enable service order tracking, usage reporting and billing review. Customer Telecom Coordinators also receive automatic Service Bulletins announcing changes in equipment offerings, price, and procurement procedures.
  • Automated agency billing - included in monthly call detail provided by CMS Business Services
  • Detailed trouble tickets documenting repair/maintenance issues through to successful resolution
  • Coordination of training in the efficient use of products and services
  • Notification of manufacturer discontinued equipment

How Can You Help?

  • Perform a routine review of billing for errors, underutilized service, special features and equipment
  • Provide a designated agency contact and related contact information for BCCS to interface with when needed
  • Perform an annual reconciliation to insure accurate assignment
  • When reporting trouble please provide the following information:
    • What is the telephone number in trouble?
    • What is the name and telephone number of the person reporting trouble?
    • Who is the site contact person and their telephone number?
    • What is the type, color and location of the telephone?
    • What is the trouble?