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Calling Cards

Category: Telecom

​A telephone calling card is a type of "credit card" issued by the State's telecommunication vendor that allows users to place local and long distance calls from land phones, including pay phones, and to "charge" the fees related to the call to a pre-determined number. Callers dial an access number to reach a carrier and then use the keypad on the telephone to enter the authorized card number and the assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN). Toll charges are somewhat higher when calls are placed using a calling card.
Telephone calling cards are typically used by state personnel whose duties require that they frequently make calls from locations other than their home office.
BCCS telecommunications services are available to all state agencies, boards, commissions, universities, offices of the Illinois House and Senate, and Constitutional Officers.


Shared Services  Unit of Measure  Service Rate
Intrastate Per Minute

$ .23 First Minute
$ .12 Each Subsequent Minute

Interstate Per Minute $ .28 First Minute
$ .19 Each Subsequent Minute
International   Multiple Rates


What is Included?

  • International calling cards are available
  • Price quotations for calling card toll rates
  • Cards are pre-printed with:
    • Carrier's access number for US and Canada calling card platform
    • Carrier's access number for international calling platform
    • Assigned card number
    • Card-holder's name
    • Dialing and card use instructions
    • Customer service numbers to report dialing problems or lost cards
  • Personal PIN number is assigned at time of card issuance and mailed to card user (PIN numbers are not printed on the cards). Individuals who are assigned a telephone calling card are responsible for its protection and proper use.

What Should You Expect?

  • Successful completion of calls from any location including international locations. Users will need to know country codes for international calling.
  • Each Calling Card has itemized call detail included.
  • Ordering services are performed during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • CSC Communications System Specialists (CSS) are dedicated to providing price quotations and low-cost alternatives, clarifying order information, monitoring order status, and updating billing information. They also help with the analysis and development of the appropriate product and service mix to fulfill specific short and long term customer needs.
  • Integrated ordering, inventory, and billing in a shared database accessible to customer Telecom Coordinators to enable service order tracking, usage reporting and billing review. Customer Telecom Coordinators also receive automatic Service Bulletins announcing changes in equipment offerings, price, and procurement procedures.
  • Automated agency billing - included in monthly call detail provided by CMS Business Services
  • A single point of contact for reporting and monitoring repair and maintenance issues through successful resolution.
  • Coordination of training in the efficient use of products and services

How Can You Help?

  • Routine review of Calling Card user's travel activities and calling patterns to determine when issuance of a wireless device may be more cost effective.
  • Perform a routine review of billing for errors, underutilized service, special features and equipment
  • Provide a designated agency contact and related contact information for BCCS to interface with when needed.
  • Perform an annual reconciliation to insure accurate assignment.