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State of Illinois SIREN Rapid Electronic Notification



Category: Security

​The State of Illinois Rapid Electronic Notification Service (SIREN) is a state-of-the-art electronic alerting system designed to efficiently and quickly notify designated individuals about emergency situations including natural disasters, network infrastructure outages, public health epidemics and warnings as well as day-to-day public safety warnings, information alerts and business notifications.
Developed and configured in conjunction with EMSystems and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), SIREN is supported and administered by the Bureau of Communication and Computer Services (BCCS) and will be available to all state agencies, boards and commissions. IDPH, being one of the primary subscribers to the service, uses SIREN as the system behind their Health Alert Network (HAN). This system allows for role-based alerting and delegated administration to give the customer the most flexibility possible in the way the system is used and administered. SIREN is web-based and is accessible via Internet Explorer. This eliminates the need for agencies to buy new equipment to utilize the service. SIREN is scalable for use by tens of thousands of users.



​Unit of Measure Rates 
​Basic User ​Per User Per Month ​$  3.00
​Collaborator Per Collaborator Per Month ​$ 75.00
​Administrator ​Per Administrator Per Month ​$ 75.00

What is Included?

  • A rapid electronic notification system with the ability to issue instantaneous alerts to telephones (including text-enabled cell phones), email (including BlackBerry devices), alphanumeric pagers and facsimiles.
  • A highly secure, extendable, role-based directory database. This contains profile information for the administration of SIREN accounts.
  • An online collaboration and multi-media alerting platform supporting public safety, public service, public health, and critical incident response communities.
  • A document library containing web-enabled functionality for basic document management.
  • SIREN's software engine allows recipients to return on-screen real-time confirmations of alert notices.
  • SIREN's access control model grants permissions to real-world functional roles rather than to users or a static set of generic roles.
  • SIREN offers a new way of communicating for those who are presently using pagers

What Should You Expect?

  • 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday service desk support for Agency SIREN Administrators. After hours support is also available.
  • A secure and robust environment with remote site disaster recovery
  • Prompt, friendly and courteous technical support staff and collaboration with other users of the system.
  • Instantaneous notification of individuals with the need to know in the event of urgent or emergency situations having the ability to provide detailed information on the nature of the event and the appropriate responses that will be needed.
  • Notifications can be tailored to meet the alerting needs and audiences of each situation in order to effectively implement the appropriate responses.
  • Active assistance, partnership, and consulting blending business notification needs with technological capabilities
  • Continuous service improvements

How Can You Help?

  • Agencies should designate who their Agency SIREN Administrators will be. Once assigned, the Agency SIREN Administrators should work with the BCCS SIREN Service Owner to develop an Alerting Matrix based on the alerting protocol established by their respective Agency leadership.
  • Training in the proper use of the SIREN system is mandatory prior to access being granted. BCCS and DPH will work with the Agency to ensure adequate training is received.
  • Agency SIREN Alert Users will need to create and maintain profiles that contain sufficient current information for alert notifications to be timely received when sent.
  • Ongoing alert training and drill exercises for users are recommended a minimum of once every 3 to 12 months.