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Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery

Category: Security

Disaster Recovery (DR) Services are essential to returning customer data and applications to operational utilization.  BCCS is working toward having the resources to minimize disruptions from disasters to customer business objectives.
Risk management is a paramount foundation in designing a quality DR plan.  By initially performing a business impact analysis and risk assessment, the customer establishes the basis for determining the extent and level of recovery services needed.

A recovery strategy builds upon the risk-management foundation.  It provides direction in implementing and achieving an effective DR program tailored to a customer’s business mission goals.  It needs to parallel the requirements contained in the business continuity plan.

A recovery plan displays how to put the recovery strategy into action.  It addresses the application and infrastructure recovery requirements.


You will be billed at the normal SSRF rate for any equipment and/or software that must be obtained and readily available for disaster recovery requirements.

What is Included?

  • ​An alternate data center (ADC) providing backup storage with the potential for failover capability
  • A standard template for DR plans

What Should You Expect?

  • Partnership with BCCS in the development of a DR plan
  • Reviews of DR plans following updates, as requested

How Can You Help?

You can help maintain an effective DR program by adopting the following practices:

  • Update your business impact analyses and risk assessments
  • Ensure that your DR strategy is consistent with your business continuity plan as modified over time
  • Agencies are responsible for backing up their respective mainframe application libraries and data
  • Detail the specific data that your business objectives will require to be backed up (i.e., files, databases, index logs, system disk images, etc.)
  • Design and articulate the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as a measure of sustainable data-loss risk within an established timeframe
  • Agencies are responsible for recovering their respective applications
  • BCCS can consider obtaining or brokering failover capabilities to the extent customers are responsible for the related costs and charges