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Wide Area Network (WAN)

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​The BCCS Network Services Group provides managed Wide Area Data Communication Services, also known as WAN (Wide Area Network) Services, utilizing the ICN (Illinois Century Network). WAN Services are made available to all state agencies, boards, commissions, schools (K-12, community colleges, and universities), libraries, museums, health care facilities, offices of the Illinois House and Senate, and Constitutional officers.
Customers utilizing this service get the benefit of data WAN connectivity to the ICN, a managed router service for customer equipment connected to the ICN and access to the Internet. Data WAN connectivity to the ICN is provided by a variety of network access options that are selected based on customer requirements and cost effectiveness. Access circuits installed at the customer premise provide connectivity to an ICN POP (Point of Presence) and are terminated at both locations with Cisco routers or switches that are managed by the Enterprise Network Support and Field Operations Group. Customers also benefit from the variety of connection methods that are available that allow for effective and efficient data communications. These connection methods provide customers with Internet access as well as site-to-site communications.


AT&T Switched Ethernet (ASE) Last Mile Connectivity to ICN

The following rates are not to exceed monthly charges for AT&T ASE service at select bandwidth levels.    The total service monthly recurring charge includes the telco service, ICN bandwidth and ICN-managed router charges.

The below pricing is based on a 3-year commitment.  If services are discontinued before the end of the 3-year term, termination penalties may apply.

Bandwidths listed are aggregate bandwidths for the connection to ICN.  The aggregate bandwidth rate will be split up among Internet, intranet (internal State of Illinois traffic) and real-time services (i.e., VoIP, Video, etc.)


​Bandwidth Rate ​Total Service MRC
​ASE 5 MB CIR ​$730
​ASE 10 MB CIR ​$838
​ASE 20 MB CIR ​$1,075
​ASE 50 MB CIR ​$1,467
​ASE 100 MB CIR ​$1,744
​ASE 150 MB CIR ​$2,612
​ASE 200 MB CIR ​$2,872
​ASE 250 MB CIR ​$3,202
​ASE 350 MB CIR ​$4,091
​ASE 500 MB CIR $4,781


The above rates include:

  •  All AT&T recurring charges for the service.  Installation charges normally do not apply for AT&T Switched Ethernet Service (ASE)
  • ICN Bandwith recurring charges.  There is no installation charge for ICN bandwidth
  • ICN-Managed Router recurring charges.  There are no installation charges for ICN-managed routers.

The above rates DO NOT include:

  • Non-standard telco installation charges.  The majority of AT&T ASE service installations do not have one-time installation charges.  If in the rare case there are AT&T installation charges, they would be passed on to the requesting agency.
  • Any inside wiring that may be required to extend the AT&T service beyond the Telco demarcation point.  For new service installation, the need for inside wiring will be determined by a site visit once an order is placed with AT&T.

Metro Ethernet Service in Areas Not Serviced by AT&T

Metro Ethernet services may be available in areas not serviced by AT&T. If it is determined that the site is not inthe AT&T service area for ASE, pricing and availability of service will be obtained by a competitive bidding process.   


For all other rate information, contact the Customer Service Center (CSC).

What is Included?

Standard Offering

Data Traffic Flow Capabilities

  • Connectivity that enables intra-agency and inter-agency data communications as well as the use of enterprise network resources
  • Connectivity that provides Internet access

Network Access Options for Connectivity to a Local ICN POP (Point of Presence)

  • Dedicated Intralata T1 circuit providing 1.544 Mb of bandwidth
  • Dedicated Intralata clear channel DS3 circuit providing up to 45 Mb of bandwidth
  • Metro Ethernet service providing up to 1 Gb of bandwidth.  See rate details above.
  • CMS fiber metropolitan area network providing up to 1 Gb of bandwidth (availability limited to downtown Springfield, Chicago Thompson Center and Chicago Bilandic Building.)
  • T1 load balancing for maximum circuit performance


  • Lower Ethernet connectivity pricing in all AT&T service areas for last mile connectivity to the ICN.
  • Centralized content filtering service is available primarily for non-State agency customers that users control from a web interface that meets the requirements for E-rate compliance and helps with CIPS compliance.
  • Low-cost Internet Protocol (IP) video (H.323) service including Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) gateways and multi-point conferencing service (please see Video Conferencing service page for details.)
  • Anti-virus pricing for Panda and Symantec software.
  • ICN constituents are eligible for discounted pricing on Cisco equipment through AT&T.
  • Primary and/or secondary Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting for additional domains at no extra cost to customer's organization.
  • IP Multicast service that allows ICN customers to receive IP multicast traffic in a size that fits within the customer's available bandwidth allocation both within and outside the ICN.
  • IP Quality of Service allows customers to use the ICN for delay-sensitive applications such as IP video services.
  • Educational institutions can participate in Internet2, the research network that is a partnership of academia, industry and government.
  • Educational institutions also have global access to education networks worldwide through the ICN's connection to Starlight.

Requests for non-standard services should be directed to the Customer Service Center (CSC) at the number listed below.

What Should You Expect?

  • Telecommunications Service Intervals: Target Timelines
  • Secure Data Communications - Traffic separation through MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 network monitoring and incident support through the Customer Management Center (CMC)
  • 99% network reliability, robust Internet and intranet connectivity
  • Connectivity consultation
  • Conveniently-located Regional Technology Centers (RTCs) that assist in the planning, installation, and upgrading needed for connection to the ICN
  • RTC staff assistance in obtaining IP addresses at the time of initial connection as well as procuring additional addresses as needed in the future
  • Use of various monitoring and analysis tools by RTC staff to assist directly-connected sites in tracking bandwidth utilization, circuit status, performance and other information that can be valuable in troubleshooting or developing technology plans

How Can You Help?

You can help ensure efficient and effective data communications via WAN Services by:

  • Ensuring that WAN services are not used for personal or other matters that do not pertain to official business needs
  • Reporting significant changes in business operations that may influence Wide Area Network communications
  • Reporting changes in service performance in a timely manner to allow for accurate and speedy diagnostics.