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Local Area Network (LAN)

Category: Network

LAN (Local Area Network) Services provide for reliable access channels to respective local networks. This connectivity can be through wired or wireless LAN technology. LAN services are available to consolidated agencies as well as several State agencies, boards and commissions that the Bureau of Communications and Computer Services (BCCS) presently support.
Computers (i.e., wired and wireless desktop and laptops) are logically connected to essential servers and printers through LAN designation. They enable connectivity to the BCCS Data Center which in turn allows for access to BCCS Services resources. The LAN Service also enables the use of file and print services and provides for remote access.


Item Unit of Measure  Debit Code  Rate
Local Area Network Per Desktop/Laptop per Month 402

$ 38.00

What is Included?

Standard Features

  • End-user connectivity between desktop and laptop computers and the local network with multiple levels of support available to correlate with customer business needs.
  • File and Print Services along with the associated infrastructure.
  • Remote connectivity options and access solutions such as VPN and Citrix.
  • Enhanced network security through the use of firewalls.
  • Layer 3 switches and routers provide quick and efficient LAN data transmissions. Load balancing is employed to administer the distribution of the LAN load which contributes to both enhanced server capacity as well as reliable uptime.
  • Redundancy is built into the LAN infrastructure to ensure fail-over best practices in LAN connectivity.
  • Performance monitoring and testing.
  • Firewall security maintenance and administration support as well as configuration and monitoring.

Non-standard Options

  • Requests for non-standard services should be directed to the Customer Service Center (CSC) at the number in Need More Information or Service Order Information sections below.

What Should You Expect?


  • Help Desk Support is available 24 x 7 x 365.
  • The initial turn-up of a LAN port normally occurs within two (5) days after a valid request is received.  Note: Timeframe does not apply when new wiring or jack installation is required. 
  • Firewall configuration changes take on average four (4) days to complete.
  • Hardware installations can be accomplished within five (5) days, if no procurement is required.

How Can You Help?

  • Ensure that all local area network users are knowledgeable about the respective LAN policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all local area network users obtain network access only with their own user IDs.
  • Ensure that local area networks are not used for personal or other matters that do not pertain to official business needs.
  • Ensure that bandwidth is not unnecessarily used up from personal staff use of the Internet for radio and video access.
  • When calling in a problem, provide as much relevant information as possible that will help troubleshooting and resolution. Customers are to first call the CSC Help Desk.