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Terms of Service


Terms of Service

"Service Level Agreement"

Roles and Responsibilities

Standard Services ​BCCS ​Customer
Provide for the creation of SharePoint sites utilizing "out of box" standard features that are included with the Microsoft SharePoint Standard MSEA Client Access License (CAL) such as collaboration, portal, search, and content management features ​X
​Provide Intranet and Extranet capabilities ​X
​Provide designated customer "site collection administrator(s)" for control of site access ​X
​Provide hosted server storage allocation, backup, recovery, and monitoring ​X
​Provide host server maintenance and latest system and security patches ​X
Strive to maintain 99.9% uptime​ ​X
Use redundant servers where possible to accommodate component failures while not disrupting the SharePoint service​ X​
Back up the SharePoint service on a daily basis​ X​
Backups will be migrated off site for disaster recovery purposes​ X​
BCCS should provide a recycle bin for SharePoint sites to allow users to un-delete documents​ X​
Use of SharePoint standard services requires a Standard CAL included with Customer's MSEA purchase​ ​X
Need to complete a BCCS ESR form and IT Service Modification Addendum if a separate Customer MSEA purchase is required​ X​
Only data that falls into the "Official Use Only" category, as defined by the BCCS Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), should be maintained in SharePoint​ X​
"Public Information" may be maintained only on sites in the external farm that do not require authentication​ X​
​"Confidential Information" that contains personal identifying information should not be maintained X​
​Under no circumstances should "Payment Card Industry" information be stored in SharePoint X​
Items considered to be "Discoverable" should not be maintained in SharePoint​ X​
​Contact the BCCS CISO for questions concerning data types X​


Enterprise Services​ ​BCCS ​Customer
​Provide for the creation of SharePoint sites utilizing  "out of box" enterprise features requiring the purchase of Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise CAL's in addition to the Standard MSEA such as search, business forms, business intelligence, and anonymous and authorized access option features ​X
Provide Performance Point software that produces dashboards, KP indicators, and various other business intelligence items ​X
​Provide Excel Service software allowing customers to connect to Excel spreadsheets that are not in SharePoint and maintain the data through SharePoint ​X
​Provide InfoPath Forms allowing customers to develop smart forms that can use basic workflow and validation X​
​Provide Enterprise Search allowing customers access to enterprise data indexing for file systems and back-end data systems X​
Provide Business Data Connector allowing customers to establish connectivity to back-end data sources​ ​X
Provide access to the MetaLogix migration tool to aid in the migration of SharePoint sites from one location to another or from the Test Farm to the Production Farm​ ​X
Provide access to Knowledge Lake suite of products that allow customers to scan images and store them in SharePoint​ ​X
Custom Services​ ​BCCS ​Customer
Provide for the accommodation of integrated custom or third-party applications​ ​X
Provide development, test, and productions hosted environments​ ​X
Customized SharePoint applications can modify SharePoint objects​ X​
All changes are to be made in the Test Farm and tested thoroughly​ ​X
​Users should make backups of original objects prior to migration allowing for changes that might need to be backed out ​X
The SharePoint service will not try to repair or correct any Customer modified object​ ​X
If the Customer cannot resolve a problem the SharePoint service, at the Customer's request, will restore the site to the last backup​ ​X
Contact the BCCS Governance Team for questions concerning Custom SharePoint Services​ ​X


​Contacts ​BCCS ​Customer
​Contact the Site Collection Adminstrator first in the event information concerning the Site Collection needs to be communicated ​X
​Provide a designated agency contact and related contact information for BCCS to interface with when needed ​X
​Contact the Customer Service Center as the first point of contact or inquiry for Standard or Enterprise SharePoint Services ​X
​Contact the BCCS Governance Team for questions concerning Customer SharePoint Services ​X
A Site Collection Administrator should pass on any pertinent information to the Site Administrators or other personnel​ ​X


General Services ​BCCS ​Customer
​Provide a fail-over enabled environment that is secure and robust ​X
Provide a system administration, configuration, and tuning​ ​X
​Provide for pre-planned software and system upgrades following documented processes for change management ​X
​Provide for the administration and maintenance of production security software ​X
​Provide backup and recovery schedules as well as planning assistance ​X
Provide for LDAP administration and management​ ​X
​Provide for the tracking of service rates and invoicing ​X
​Provide prompt, friendly, and courteous technical support staff collaborating with customer application development staff in their efforts ​X
​Provide for a strategy-driven service through SharePoint governance X

Governance ​BCCS ​Customer
​Maintain the SharePoint service through a SharePoint Governance process ​X


SharePoint Governance Team​ ​BCCS ​Customer
​The SharePoint Governance Team will consist of members of the Infrastructure Services Division, Enterprise Applications and Architecture, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, and the service owner ​X
The SharePoint Governance Team will meet with customer representatives on a regular basis to coordinate SharePoint service-related information with the customers​ ​X
​The SharePoint Governance Team is responsible for maintaining the SharePoint service and working with BCCS Senior Management on the offerings ​X
​Customer needs to contact the SharePoint Governance Team when requesting new third-party tools ​X
​Customer needs to contact the SharePoint Governance Team when requesting changes to the environment that would affect users outside of the Agency ​X
Conduct troubleshooting on problems pertaining to applications when needed​ ​X


General Responsibilities​ ​BCCS ​Customer
Commence a SharePoint implementation as a project identifying such items as project requirements, basic designs, and any needed application enhancements​ ​X
​Premium service options require project coordination through BCCS Governance ​X
​Engage BCCS early in planning efforts to ensure capacity and resource availability ​X
​Know what the site requires before beginning ​X
​Request the minimum amount of storage required for near-term projections and request additional space as SharePoint usage expands ​X
Track usage to determine information of greatest importance for routine updates or retirement of information not being used, requesting expanded storage needs, and performing general site maintenance​ ​X
Actively participate in SharePoint governance by identifying and suggesting SharePoint add-ons and ideas to the BCCS Governance Team ​ ​X
A Site Collection Administrator is responsible for creating top level sites and assigning Site Administrators to manage the sites in accordance with any applicable Agency polices, standards, and procedures​ ​X
A Site Collection Administrator is resonsible for monitoring the space use of the collection and requesting additional space using the BCCS Enterprise Service Request (ESR) process.  Changes in space allocations require a minimum time of five (5) working days notice​ ​X
​A Site Collection Administrator is the first contact for Site Administrators that are part of the Site Collection.  A Site Collection Administrator will assist the Site Administrators in developing, maintaining, and monitoring sites within the Collection ​X
​A Site Collection Administrator will act as a Site Administrator in the event one has not been assigned or is unavailable ​X
​A Site Collection Administrator can administer multiple Site Collections ​X
A Site Collection Administrator will assist the Site Administrators in recovering items from the Recycle Bin.  The Site Collection has a separate Recycle Bin with a longer retention period that those on the individual sites.  If the deleted object cannot be located in either Recycle Bin, the Site Collection Administrator will need to initiate an Incident ticket​ ​X
​A Site Collection Administrator will work with other Agency Site Collection Administrators to ensure that Agency policies, standards, and procedures are followed ​X
A Site Administrator is responsible for working with the Site Collection Administrator​ ​X
​A Site Administrator can restore deleted files and objects from the Recycle Bin.  If a deleted item cannot be found in the site's Recycle Bin, the Site Administrator will contact the Site Collection Administrator for assistance ​X
A Site Administrator is responsible for maintaining the site structure and managing user access.  The Site Administrator will review user rights on a regular basis and make any appropriate changes​ ​X
​A Site Administrator is responsible for creating and maintaining any needed sub sites ​X
​A Site Administrator can manage multiple sites and sub sites ​X
​A Site Administrator is responsible for following all Agency policies, standards, and procedures ​X
​A Site Administrator is responsible for reviewing site content on a regular basis and ensuring that all content is appropriate.  If inappropriate content is discovered, the Site Administrator will work with the appropriate individual(s) to remove the content, if warranted, the Site Administrator will notify management ​X
​Service Orders ​BCCS ​Customer
​Submit a SharePoint Enterprise Service Request to request a new Standard Enterprise SharePoint site ​X
​Submit a project charter to the BCCS Governance Team to request a new Custom SharePoint site ​X


Billing and Payment for Services

BCCS plans and maintains a common IT infrastructure, on behalf of the State, to realize the most efficient, reliable, and least cost approach to delivery of IT services to State agencies. Customers of BCCS are provided projected annual costs allowing continued planning and budgeting, avoiding unanticipated costs. The centralized IT provisioning of services requires BCCS customers to make prompt payments allowing services to continue without interruption. By using this service, BCCS customers, under these Terms of Service, agree to submit payment vouchers to the Illinois State Comptroller within 60 days of invoicing.

Acceptance of Terms

By request and use of this service hosted by Central Management Services, Bureau of Communication and Computer Services, hereinafter BCCS, you are indicating agreement to follow and be bound by the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service as currently published and hereafter amended.

This service is available to all Executive State agencies and may be provided, under separate agreement, to other governmental entities. Separate agreements, where applicable, may supersede sections of this Terms of Service where referenced, otherwise the terms as outlined herein are controlling.

Term of Agreement

This agreement shall be effective upon a customer’s first request for services and shall terminate upon discontinuation of the services rendered. BCCS will give customers notices of service discontinuation far enough in advance to allow the affected customers to make the appropriate adjustments, with respect to their information technology and business needs, in light of the pending discontinuation of service(s).

Changes to the Terms of Service are subject to notice and review under Change Management with input from all parties.

General Terms

No term, condition or other provision of this document may, in any manner, be interpreted as consent to conduct acts that are illegal or that any of the parties herein, either individually or collectively, are prohibited from performing.

In the event that this Agreement is determined to be invalid, it shall be terminated immediately. Should any portion or portions of the Agreement be found to be invalid, the said portion or portions shall not be construed to render the entire Agreement void, but shall be severed from the Agreement upon such finding.

Nothing contained herein serves to limit, alter or amend any Party’s duties, rights or responsibilities as set out in the applicable state and federal statutes, laws, or regulations.

To the extent Publication 1075, as now issued or hereafter amended by the Internal Revenue Service, is applicable, the customer understands that the customer is required to conduct an internal inspection of BCCS' Data Center no less frequently than every eighteen (18) months.

The consolidated enterprise IT environment assumes a shared risk of inseparable and joint responsibility under the controlling legal requirements of governmental operations in the entirety, and each party agrees to cooperate, communicate and work to protect the interests of the State and its constituents. The customers of BCCS agree to follow all policies and procedures internal to their operations and those as might be published by BCCS from time to time, protecting the electronic information and services entrusted to each.