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Enterprise Fax

Category: Hosting

The BCCS Enterprise Fax Service (EFS) provides BCCS hosted email customers with the ability to send and/or receive fax documents via Outlook or Fax client.  This service can supplement or replace the fax machines that customers are currently using; downstate fax numbers can be moved to the EFS system to avoid having to request new fax numbers for use in the system. Existing multi-purpose imaging devices that print, copy, scan, and fax are also well-suited to be used with EFS.  The redundant infrastructure of EFS provides automatic failover server support.



Unit of Measure

Debit Code  Rate
Enterprise Fax Service (User) Per User Per Month
(Includes initial 50 inbound and 50 outbound fax pages)
0451  $5.00 
Inbound Faxes Per Page Over 50 Pages 0452  $0.02 
Outbound Faxes Per Page Over 50 Pages 0453  $0.08 

What is Included?

  • Monthly fee of $5.00 per user account.
  • Fee includes 50 inbound and 50 outbound pages per account.
  • Faxes exceeding 50 pages per month charged at $.02 per page inbound and $.08 per page outbound.
  • Multiple outbound and inbound fax lines, which mean most faxes are processed and sent within seconds or minutes. 
  • Client software.


What Should You Expect?

  • This service is available to customers 24 x 7, excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events.
  • The time required to set up an EFS account will vary based on the customer’s existing fax environment.
  • Tracking of customer fax account changes.
  • Notification of any scheduled maintenance or outages.
  • Reduction/elimination of existing fax machines and associated maintenance costs
  • Reduction of telecommunication costs, fixed infrastructure costs, and software maintenance costs associated with existing fax operations
  • Active assistance, partnership, and consulting blending business messaging needs with technological capabilities.
  • Tracking of service costs and invoicing.
  • On-going Customer Service Center, Service Desk enhancements and quality assurance efforts.
  • Continuing service improvements.


How Can You Help?

You can help manage costs for EFS by adopting the following practices:

  • Ensure that EFS is not used for personal or other matters that do not pertain to official business needs.
  • Report significant changes in business operations that may influence EFS.
  • Report changes in service performance in a timely manner to allow for accurate and speedy diagnostics.
  • Ensure that all EFS users are knowledgeable about the respective fax standards and procedures.  Provide a designated agency contact and related contact information for BCCS to interface with when needed.