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Email Vault FAQ

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    What is a Shortcut and what does one look like?

    A shortcut is what is left after a mail item is archived into your vault.  It is a copy of the full text of the email minus any attachments.  The vault shortcut has a different icon within the mailbox than a standard message item.

    Vault Short Cut   Vault Shortcut

    Why do my shortcuts disappear?

    After the mail item is six months old the shortcut is automatically deleted from the user's mailbox by a vault administrative process.  The original vault item is still in the vault and can be searched/located with Archive Explorer or Search Vaults located under Enterprise Vault tab (Outlook 2010) or on the Outlook toolbar (Outlook 2003/2007).

    Vault Search 2010   Outlook 2010

    Vault Search 2003/2007   Outlook 2003/2007

    Do I have to wait for items to be archived or can I place them in the vault myself?

    No, you do not need to wait.  You can push mail items into your vault by highlighting those items and clicking on the push to vault icon located under Enterprise Vault tab (Outlook 2010) or on the Outlook toolbar (Outlook 2003/2007).

    Vault Store 2010   Outlook 2010

    Vault Store 2003/2007   Outlook 2003/2007

    Can I search both my live mailbox and my vault?

    Yes.  You can search both your Outlook mailbox and your Archive vault data.  The mailbox search will search your mailbox items and any vault stubs you have remaining in the mailbox.  Enterprise Vault performs a full index of all items including attachments.  This means that when you search your vault, attachments will be included in the search.  However, the vault and mailbox searches need to be run separately.

    Why do I receive an error that Enterprise Vault is not available in the early morning?

    Enterprise Vault Services are not available from 4:00 am – 8:00am am due to maintenance running on the system.  This will only affect users that are trying to manually archive or restore mail items.  Users will still be able to view their vaulted emails during these hours.

    Why don't I see the Enterprise Vault tab (Outlook2010) or the Enterprise Vault icons on my outlook toolbar (Outlook2003/2007)?

    If you don’t see the Enterprise Vault tab (Outlook 2010) or the icons in the upper right of your Outlook toolbar (Outlook2003/2007), please email or contact the IT Service Desk at 800-366-8768.

    Why are there no longer any messages in my Outlook folders?

    Your messages now are located in your vault.  They can be accessed by clicking on the Archive Explorer button located under the Enterprise Vault tab (Outlook 2010) or on the Outlook toolbar (Outlook 2003/2007).  You can also use the Search Vault feature located in the same location.  The folder structure is presented within Outlook for you to copy future messages.

    Vault Search 2010   Outlook 2010

    Vault Search 2003/2007   Outlook 2003/2007

    Why does my folder structure in Outlook appear different?

    This is because your folder structure from your PSTs is now part of your Outlook mailbox and no longer a separate file on your network home drive.  It may appear to be in a different order which is caused by folders being alphabetically aligned.

    What happened to my PST files that were attached to my client?

    Once they are migrated into your Archive vault, they will be removed from the Client and the PST file will be deleted from the file system.

    Can I delete items from the Archive Vault?

    Deletion authority will depend on each Agency's/Customer's email deletion policies and legal procedures.  Please review those policies and legal procedures with your supervisor before proceeding with Archive Vault deletions.

    To the extent that deletion authority exists for one or more particular Archive Vault items, the option to delete is available.  While in Archive Explorer you can highlight the mail items you want to delete, right click and click “Delete”.  You may need to refresh your browser within Archive Explorer to reflect that the deleted item is gone.  Note:  Deleting shortcuts in your mailbox will not delete those items in your Archive Vault.

    What if I do not move information to the Vault?

    Each night the system scans a user's mailbox and moves items older than 60 days into the corresponding folder in the Vault.  In addition to this, mail will be moved sooner when the mailbox reaches 85% capacity.  Messages with large attachments (i.e., 2.5 MB or larger) will be moved sooner than messages with smaller attachments.  This is done to keep the mailbox to a manageable level.  Accordingly users should no longer experience a “mailbox is full” situation preventing them from sending and receiving e-mail.

    Can I view vaulted messages using Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

    Yes.  The Enterprise Vault add-ins is integrated into OWA when you are enabled for Enterprise Vault.  All functionality that you have in Outlook is available in OWA.

    If a user has access to another user's email, will they also be able to get into the other user's Vault?

    If you have rights to another users mailbox set by your Email Administrator you will be able to access that users vault.  If rights to the users mailbox are set through delegation or through the email client, you will not have rights to the users vault.  If vault rights are needed, contact your Agency IT Coordinator to submit an ESR to have vault rights set.