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Customer Service Center (CSC)

Category: Enterprise Desktop Services

CSC IT Support Desk
The BCCS Customer Service Center (CSC) is your starting point for requesting new services or to report a problem encountered with existing BCCS supported services. The CSC consists of customer service representatives from various State agencies as a result of the State's IT rationalization efforts. This diverse group of representatives collectively brings years of experience to the customers of BCCS. Their knowledge of many of the processes and procedures of the BCCS customer base helps to provide solutions in a timely manner. The CSC responds to an average of 10,000 telephone calls each month, supporting over 80 State agencies, boards, commissions and other governmental customers.

Calls that cannot be resolved during the first call are referred outside the CSC to other BCCS teams for further analysis and resolution. Those teams typically consist of field technicians who directly diagnose and resolve issues. They may also consist of subject matter experts who offer a specialized degree of knowledge and experience to address complex and unusual situations.

CSC Telecom Voice Repair Desk
Voice Repair supports all components of Telecommunications services offered through BCCS including voice services (i.e., voice mail, TDD/TTY, Enterprise VoIP, 800 service, etc.), data services (i.e., non-Illinois Century Network T1’s, radio circuits, alarm circuits, LAN jacks, etc.) and wireless services (i.e., cell telephones, smart devices, air cards, hot spots, etc.). Additionally, BCCS has established metrics with partnered vendors to further ensure quick response and repairs to minimize customer down time.
CSC Overview
The CSC combines efficiency with optimal resource utilization. By centralizing the service desk operations within a single location, duplicate use of valuable State resources, effort, and energy is significantly reduced. It provides for consistent responses to issues experienced across the BCCS customer base, and, allows for continuous improvements to the services delivered.
The CSC provides State agencies, boards, commissions, universities, Offices of the Illinois House and Senate and Constitutional Officers with the highest possible customer support giving customer issues full attention to achieve the quickest possible resolution.


Fees pertaining to this service are appropriately distributed among other BCCS Enterprise services according to the proportional support that is provided.

What is Included?

  • Customer Service Representatives who assist in completing IT and Telecommunication service requests or resolving incidents
  • Incident and request tracking ensuring your call is tracked from receipt to resolution
  • Use of the Remedy IT Service Management system to access incident experience histories to better respond to customer issues
  • Online access to Remedy IT Service Management system to review status of requests and incidents
  • Use of EMS11, the web-based billing, order management, and inventory system used by the CSC to process, track, and bill all telecommunications products and services.
  • Categorization and analysis of incident tickets to identify trends and/or recurring problems

What Should You Expect?

  • Normal hours of operation are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday
  • Extended service hours may be arranged as funded for customers with on-going business requirements beyond the normal hours of operation.
  • Prompt, courteous and well-trained service staff
  • Good customer follow-up communications until the problem is resolved or the task is completed
  • General explanations of underlying reasons for and resolutions of reported incidents.
  • BCCS strives to answer 80% of all calls to the CSC within 30 seconds.

How Can You Help?

If reporting a hardware or software problem, gather needed information before placing the call by documenting:

When reporting IT problems, please be ready to provide:

  • Inventory tag number
  • Product name, version or model of any hardware or software involved
  • Any error codes or symptoms observed
  • Is the problem intermittent or continuous
  • How many people are impacted by the problem
  • Location and the person to contact for follow-up

When reporting Telecom problems, please be ready to provide:

  • Phone number
  • Contact information
  • Telephone model/color
  • Circuit ID
  • Problem description
  • Location
  • Hours of operation 

For most service requests an ESR or TSR form will be required.