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Polycom EX with External Microphones

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  • 4-Pair cable wiring
  • Power outlet


Polycom SoundStation is ideal for small and midsize conference rooms seating up to 10 participants.  It provides natural, simultaneous, two-way conversation without the clipping or drop-outs that are common in traditional speakerphones. Users can speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to ten feet (3-meters) away with expansion microphone


  • Additional options:  external microphones, wireless lavaliere, nylon carrying case
  • Allows for extension microphones and wireless lavaliere
  • Full duplex conference telephone
  • Integrated keypad
  • Mute, flash, hold, transfer, and conference keys
  • Plugs into a power outlet and a standard telephone jack
  • 3 Built-In microphones
  • 360-Degree room coverage