​​2015 will be an exciting year in the history of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  It is the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s death and the 10 year celebration of our campus. 


Major initiatives are underway.

Now open: Undying Words: Lincoln 1858-1865  The exhibit  explores Lincoln’s changing views through five key speeches. The exhibit is a collaboration with the Chicago History Museum and features amazing artifacts and interactive stations. A section of this exhibit focuses on the assassination of our 16th president.


   In 2015, the museum is Going Digital.  Visitors will have the opportunity to access digital content on their mobile devices as they tour the museum, revolutionize the visitor experience.


 February 12, 2015 the museum will celebrate our president’s birthday and unveil the new design to the museum’s Gateway.  This building improvement will streamline the daily operations and make the area more ADA accessible for our guests.


Premiering Spring 2015: The Battle Hymn Story. A theater presentation that takes a look back at the origins and the journey of how this classic American song came to be.


Summer on the Square.  This past July, over 1,700 guests enjoyed the Civil War Musical that honored the spirit of the men and women who fought and lived through America’s Civil War.  In July of 2015, our theater department will host another spectacular event under the stars.​


Keep watching this page for more information on upcoming Tenth Anniversary Events!