This section provides information about the Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP), which is a free statewide health insurance counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers. In this section, visitors will find information and resources about applying for Medicare, sites in their area that they can get assistance applying for Medicare and tools for SHIP sites around the State to utilize in serving Medicare beneficiaries.

Note: The information provided in the Fact Sheets was developed to provide consumers with general information and guidance about insurance coverages and laws. It is not intended to provide regulated entities (insurance industry) with a formal, definitive description or interpretation of Department policy. For specific Department policy on any issue, regulated entities (insurance industry) should contact the Department.

To contact SHIP, please call (800) 252-8966 or email

General Information

Continuing Education Meeting Schedule
These meetings are for SHIP counselors and coordinators only.  Please contact the appropriate contact person to reserve your seat at a meeting near you.

Coordinator Calls

Audio Conference - May 3, 2016
During your conference, the recording feature was used. Below is the URL with recording capabilities. There you will find various options with the recorded conference.

Conference Replay URL:

To login, you will need your conference phone number and host code or access code to utilize post-recording capabilities.

Dial-In Phone Number Information

​USA Toll-Free: 888-494-4032​
USA Caller Paid:​ 602-333-0052​
Access Code:​ 1868680307​

Audio-Only Recording Usage Confirmation

Start Date: May 03 2016
Start Time:​ 09:45 AM
Time Zone:​ CDT
Conference ID: PBP3356

Host and Arranger Information

Conference Host: BRYAN PADGET
Phone Number:​ 217-782-1793
Conference Arranger:​ BRYAN PADGET
Phone Number: 217-782-1793

2016 Drug Plans

2015 -2016 Medicare Supplement Premium Comparison Guide

Medicaid Related Information